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Originally Posted by AshsBabyLapras View Post
I think I'm UPN's only hardcore pegasister? :x
So that's the female expression. Good to know.

Originally Posted by deoxys View Post
I think it's because she's reminding me more and more of that awkward nerd who just desperately tries so hard to please everyone and make everyone stay her friend
Wow, she really is like me. <<;

Mane Six:
1) Applejack (Been fond of her ever since her first featured episode. Plus her accent is <3, especially when singing.)
2) Fluttershy (Moe~)
3) Twilight Sparkle (^ See above quote)
4) Rarity (I was helping my mum mend my jeans the other day, and she told me the story of how grandma tried once to open up a seamstress business. She spent a lot of time and care on her first job, but the client disliked one section of the final product, so she ended up having to redo the whole thing. She never took a job request again; didn't even make enough money to pay for the sign she had made. Definitely reminded me of "Art of the Dress", which I certainly wasn't humming.)
5) Pinkie Pie (She's fun, but scares me sometimes.)
6) Rainbow Dash (Nothing personal, just doesn't interest me as much as the others.)

No real preference of CMCs.
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