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hahaha what is that videoooo

Also GUMMY FANS REPRESENT. \o/ Oh my lord do I love that little guy.

As far as favourite episodes go, mine's The Cutie Mark Chronicles as well, hands hooves down. It will be hard to top that one! The mane six as fillies? DisneyPrincess!Fluttershy? hnnnng, my heart. <3

すれ違うだけの距離が歯痒い 手を伸ばせば届きそうなのに
意味があるのなら教えて欲しい 締め付ける胸の痛みの
「イツダッテ ウソミタイ アイシタテ ノ ユメミライ」

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morningstar - Today at 12:46 PM
her whole being is Arashi

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