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Mane Six
1. Pinkie I like the music in MLP more than anything which is why she scores so high. Also that episode where she goes crazy
2. Fluttershy She's so cute and I sometimes relate to her shyness, even though I'm quite outgoing I know what it's like when you struggle with certain social situations
3. Rarity The Dress making song won me over.
4. Applejack I think she's the best looking. I'unno
5. Rainbow Dash She's a bit mary sueish, but I don't hate her
6. Twilight The only pony I actually dislike. So annoying!

I can't be bothered with CMCs but I love Gummi, he's probably my favorite character in the whole show. I like Macintosh, Rarity's cat and that mischievous rabbit too.

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