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Trainer lvl. 2
3 Wins by DQ
15KO's,50TP,1.75 SP

C+ Ref

1) Gordo: Level 3 Genderless Metang
No Signature Move

2) Ferregimus: Level 2 Male Prinplup
No Signature Move

3) Eelmail: Level 2 Male Eelektrik
No Signature Move

4) Dripps: Level 2 Female Wingull
No Signature Move

5) Mr. A Hill: Level 2 Male Cubone
Spoiler: show
Bio: Ever since he was a baby monster, Mr. A. Hill has been fascinated with the art of drumming. He has always been able to play gravity blasts with his one bone at an astounding speed (just a roll with one hand); however, he really excels at playing with two bones. While he is not able to carry around an extra bone, he is often found with a real bone and one made of energy rolling at the ground and creating small earthquakes.

Signature Attack: Paradiddle Boom (Ground)- Mr. A. Hill uses a fair amount of normal energy to form a second bone (much as pokemon wishing to use Bone Rush would if they did not normally wield a bone) and performs a continuous paradiddle on the ground at a strong speed, sending a constant cascade of ground energy into the earth and causing it to rumble or even rupture depending on the type of ground. Ground energy consumption is about equal to that of an earthquake, but there is a fair amount of normal energy consumed in making the second bone. Damage is about equal to that of a Bulldoze, with the energy spreading similarly in multiple shockwaves through the ground, though the shockwaves are more frequent and more likely to cause flinching. The second bone disappears at the end of the round. Usable twice per match. While the second bone exists, no moves requiring punching may be used. Mr. A Hill can no longer use bonemerang due to his dislike of throwing his sticks, and his elemental punch attacks are 75% as effective as normal while the bone is not in effect due to his general lack of combat training. The second bone may only be conjured for this attack twice per battle.

6) Cornet: Level 1 Female Noibat

No Signature Move

7) Vincent: Level 2 Male Combusken
No Signature Move

8 ) Furmanly: Level 2 Male Mankey
No Signature Move

9) Tiktok: Level 2 Male Drowzee
Spoiler: show
Tiktok has had a rather boring life. From the moment he was born until I caught him, he was in a rigorously boring schooling system, training to get his Ph.D in Dream Mechanics. After I caught him...I threw him back into that schooling system to show that I cared for his future. While in his schooling system, he noticed that many of the students there were producing dream-like matter while they were awake. Tiktok thought to himself, "Is this a daydream?" He'd heard of them before, but had never felt them until now. He quickly realized that daydreams had their own smell and taste, much like a regular dream. As he finished up his schooling, Tiktok found himself getting stronger at sensing and tasting daydreams.

Signature attack: Daydream Eater (PS).
While he is not teaching a class on the culinary properties of them, Tiktok is able to eat them himself. If a pokemon is awake, Tiktok can eat their daydreams. This attack does less damage than a regular dream eater, about the same as a Giga Drain, and uses about the same amount of energy as one too, but using psychic energy rather than grass. The amount of energy and health drained is proportional to the distance from the victim, and multiple uses of this attack will yield diminishing returns. Repeated usage of this move will have increasingly diminished effects (from the giga drain description at This attack will restore about the same amounts of energy and health as a Giga drain as well, also proportional to distance from the pokemon.

Plain and simple: Its a psychic typed Giga Drain.

10) Mortal Kobra: Level 2 Female Ekans
No Signature Move

11) Kitty: Level 2 Male Houndour
No Signature Move

12) Peninthias: Level 3 Male Galvantula
No Signature Move

13) Minerva: Level 2 Female Roselia
No Signature Move

14) Jack: Level 2 Male Hitmonchan
No Sig

15) Demeter: Level 2 Female Pidgeotto
No Sig

16) Glenn: Level 1 Male Froakie
No Sig

17) Dogwood: Level 1 Male Phantlump

18 ) Reptar: Level 1 Male Tyrunt

Slot 1(SPPF):Open
Slot 2(UPN):Vs. Deh74
Slot 3(UPN):Open
Slot 4 (UPN): Open

Previous matches:
C+ Ref

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