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Re: Free For All Zone

Sandaa – “I’m fine. Thank you, Gary,” Kal responds breathlessly. Relieved for a moment, you grimace again as you watch your Pokmon receive damage from the rocks thrown at them. Quickly you bark out a new set of orders for them, and watch anxiously as the next round unfolds.

Graveler starts off by hurtling towards Raphael again in another ROLLOUT, this time moving slightly faster. Raphael responds however by retracting into his shell and also spinning, utilizing the speed to help him move out of the way and appear behind the rolling rock creature on its destructive path. There he swiftly halts his rotation and pops his head and cannons out again, immediately blasting the confused Graveler from behind with water and sending it crashing superbly into the rock face. A Geodude in its path gave a startled cry as it was forced to move quickly aside just as the boulder hurtled past it. It then watches curiously as its kin manages to peel itself off the mountainside and stagger back, shaking its arms furiously. Looks like this one’s not out of commission just yet.

Meanwhile, Ramoth has shaken off the pain and quickly obeys your command to breathe green flames onto the other Graveler, who is still wrapped up in a closed ball. The blazes lick the boulder hotly, as its stance does little to protect it from the electrifying heat. In a panic, it starts to ROLLOUT like its brother, carrying the flames with it as they engulf the rock inside a blue inferno. It ends up crashing directly into Raphael, who grunts in shock as he has yet to stand up, and therefore cannot make use of his arms or legs to brace against the impact. By the time he gets them out, he’s ended up on his back thanks to the force of the blow to his side, and frantically flailing his limbs only causes him to rock a little back and forth. Kal lets out a small sympathetic cry upon seeing the upside-down turtle, though you can’t help but feel somewhat humiliated by the situation as you watch him try desperately to get back up on his feet.

Ramoth ignores these proceedings for the moment as she follows through with her next attack, summoning a huge fireball which she launches in the direction of the three Geodude hovering nearby. As they were absorbed in watching the overturned turtle thrash angrily about, they are caught unawares by the sudden attack. The fireball lands in between them, exploding within each of their faces and sending all of them flying back. Having already been weakened severely by the water attack earlier, two of them faint straight away as they hit the side of the mountain, while the last manages to remain awake long enough to pull off one last attack (having been the farthest from the explosion when it occurred).

Unable to hover above the ground, the Geodude drags itself over with its arms to the immobilized Blastoise, attempting to get as close to the giant turtle as possible. Raphael notices it approaching and draws back into his shell, hoping to prepare himself for whatever the rock creature was planning. Just before its strength it about to give out, the Geodude uses the last of its energy to surround itself in a white glow as it SELFDESTRUCTs, dealing heavy damage to Raphael. Although his shell absorbs some of the damage, the force from the close-range explosion is so great that he feels a good deal of the shock from within, and you and Kal can both hear his roar of anguish. On the plus side though, the force from the blast causes his shell to flip over so now it’s right-side up, and at length he re-emerges from his shell and rises slowly to his feet, looking extremely exhausted.

Still, he turns in the direction of the next target that you set for him, and Ramoth, seeing that her partner has gotten up, consents to carry out her next attack. Breathing more flames onto Golem, the rock creature plants its feet firmly and braces itself against the attack, not moving an inch. Raphael follows up by firing a steel flash from his cannons at the Golem, who again receives the attack without balking. Golem then jumps up and then lands, sending shockwaves through the earth radiating towards Charizard and Blastoise. You and Kal can also feel the effect of the strong MAGNITUDE, and you both fall over in surprise as the ground rumbles underneath you. The ground threatens to split as several rocks come loose and tumble down the side of the mountain, fortunately none of them landing near you. Ramoth and Raphael brace themselves against the shock, and once it’s past, manage to steady themselves again and glare at their remaining opponents. Both of them are looking tired now though from using so much energy, and Raphael looks especially worn down after getting caught in the explosion. Two Graveler and Golem remain. What will you do now?
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