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Re: Free For All Zone

Sandaa – Acting swiftly, you release your Blastoise onto the scene and give your commands to the two Fire and Water behemoths. Ramoth begins by letting out a furious roar as she glares fiercely around at the rocks surrounding her, attempting to frighten them into submission. However, it is difficult for her to stare all of them down at once, and so the two Geodude behind her who aren’t caught by her terrible gaze decide to close in for an attack, having recovered from the sound shock they received earlier. Both of them use DOUBLE-EDGE, striking the same place in succession on Ramoth’s back, causing her to roar in pain. Raphael quickly comes to his partner’s rescue, firing a high-pressure jet of water at all three Geodude. The advantage of having double cannons becomes apparent when taking down multiple targets.

Ramoth shakes off the blow and, remembering her next orders, launches towards the Graveler holding Kal captive with a claw raised, ready to swipe at the rock with ghostly power. Having been slightly intimidated by the dragon’s earlier display, the rock creature opts for a defensive response, letting go of Kal to wrap its arms around itself in a tight DEFENSE CURL. Ramoth hisses as her sharp claws merely glance off the toughened rock exterior, but at least Kal was free. She runs to you, shooting back an indignant glance at her previous captor, who was now attempting to hide within itself. You meet her and resolve to stay close to the girl from now on to prevent another incident like that from happening, backing up to remain within the protective perimeter of Blastoise and Charizard.

Meanwhile, there is still the other Graveler to worry about, who is fast approaching from your side. Raphael spins around in reaction and quickly makes the switch from shooting jets of water to firing large streams of bubbles at the attacker. The Graveler sneers and suddenly also curls up into a ball. However, it continues on its course, using the momentum and gyrating motion of ROLLOUT to deflect the bubbles. It continues reeling in Raphie’s direction, rapidly building up speed before colliding into the Blastoise’s stomach. The Blastoise grimaces slightly from the impact, but stands his ground, drawing back a fist, which becomes surrounded with frost. He knocks the boulder back fiercely, almost forcing it off the mountainside. It teeters on the edge for a few moments, but manages to right itself and roll back to a safer position, still rounded in preparation for another attack.

You turn to face Golem, who has yet to act thus far. Defiantly you thrust out your hands and proclaim that you won’t allow them to continue to block your way. The Golem reacts by punching the mountainside, causing several huge rocks to come loose and fall down. All the Rock-types then proceed to catch the ROCKs and THROW them at your party, bellowing ferociously. Raphael and Ramoth quickly position themselves to form a protective barrier around you and Kal, flinching as they receive the brunt of the attack. In the end, Ramoth is pretty badly bruised where the rocks hit, while Raphael is slightly better off due to his shell. They make sure you and Kal are okay, then turn again to face their numerous opponents, glaring at each other with dislike.

Three Geodude, two Graveler (who are both in a rolled-up stance), and Golem remain. What will your next move be?
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