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Re: Free For All Zone

Originally Posted by lilbluecorsola
Sandaa – The girl’s father blinks twice at your exceedingly enthusiastic response, perhaps amazed by your outward display of confidence. Then he smiles and pats your shoulder. “Good. That’s the kind of spirit that a hero must have. I am glad you accept. The future of these dragons depends on your capabilities now.”

In response to this serious statement, your stomach suddenly growls rather loudly, growing impatient by this talk. You blush, remembering the reason why you came here in the first place, which was to find something delicious to satisfy your tummy. The man’s tired-looking face abruptly lights up with mirth, and he chuckles affably. “All right, first we shall break for lunch. We must remain well-fed to stay healthy.”

Before you know it, you’re helping to hastily prepare and deliver sandwiches to all the humans inside the cave, as well as giving nourishment to the dragons. Kal, the girl you met earlier, works alongside you, making the meals faster and much better-tasting than you can (according to the testers) so you end up doing most of the distribution. In the time you take to complete the last delivery, Kal also brought food out to Ramoth, who has been waiting rather anxiously this whole time. You come out to find the two eating together (having their own separate lunches of course) like they’re old friends, and you join them, exhausted. Kal hands over to you your set of sandwiches and you devour them all greedily, ignoring the girls’ looks. You talk with Kal for a bit, and learn that she’s not really from this village, and that her dad adopted her when she appeared in town one day and didn’t remember where she came from.

Her father comes out then to speak with you. “Are you rested well enough? I’m sorry to rush you, but it’s probably best you leave in search of a cure as soon as possible. The dragons seem to be doing a bit better thanks to the care we’ve given them, but still we don’t know how long they will last.”

You stand up, resolute in your decision to set off this very moment when Kal stops you for a moment. “Wait, I prepared food for you to take on your journey.” She hands you a lunchbox wrapped in cloth, then mysteriously produces another one and holds it before her. “I also made one for myself,” she announces meaningfully.

Her father seems startled by this proclamation. “But, you’re not going,” he protests, more in the voice of a confused child instead of her father.

The girl gazes at him determinedly. “I know the mountain paths better than anyone. How else is he going to know the way up the mountain to see Lord Ziz?”

Faced with this strong argument, the man had to relent, but he turns to you with a severe face. “You will take care of Kal and make sure she remains well out of danger. I will not forgive you if she comes home harmed, even if you do find a cure to this disease.”

“Father!’ the girl reproaches, and the man releases you from his frightening gaze. “I’m sorry,” she says, turning to you. “Anyway, we’d best get going. We can’t waste much time.”

Agreeing with her, you climb on top of Ramoth, who’s finished her meal and is now energized for the adventure. Holding a hand out to Kal, you help her onto Ramoth’s back as well, and wait until she’s settled before taking off. “Be safe,” her father tells her, looking serious, and she smiles back at him.

You take off, and fly at a low altitude out of cautiousness. Kal points out which mountain is Ziz’s home and you head towards it, arriving at its base in a matter of a few short minutes. You land at the bottom and both of you dismount, as from here on out the three of you will have to walk. Kal starts up the mountain first and you follow at a close distance, heeding her father’s words to make sure she remains safe under your care. Ramoth watches over both of you, taking up the rear and remaining alert in case any monsters tried to launch an attack on you.

It isn’t long before you encounter your first obstacle: a large pile of rocks sits blocking the path before you. Kal frowns as she steps forward to examine them. “There must have been a rockslide,” she murmurs, “I suppose we could risk flying over them at this height.” As she thinks aloud, she places a hand on one of the boulders, and immediately retracts it when she feels the object shift on its own. The entire structure comes to life and breaks apart, revealing itself actually to be composed of Pokmon; Three Geodude, two Graveler, and a Golem to be exact. They rumble fiercely and surround your group in a circle as they continue to block your path. One of the Graveler shoots out a stony arm and grabs Kal’s wrist, causing her to yell and give it a kick in response. Unfortunately, due to the creature having the consistency of a rock, this only succeeds in causing her foot pain instead.

Another Graveler comes rolling maliciously towards you. Ramoth hisses and bends down on her haunches, ready for action. What will you do?

Gary smiled as he and Kal handed out sandwiches to all of the people in the cave, constantly thinking about that task at hand. This Ziz character seemed intimidating, so he was excited to go with Ramoth to see him. However, he didn't really know what to expect, so he kept pondering as he walked to eat lunch with Ramoth.

As he arrived by his dragon's side, Kal was already there, eating lunch with the Charizard, and Gary sat down next to them. They gave him a quick look and Gary rolled his eyes, muttering, "Girls..." with a chuckle. After they had chatted a little and finished their lunches, Kal's father came out to see them and once again reminded Gary of what his task was. Kal then handed Gary another meal for later and then announced that she was going to accompany them as well. Her father protested, but Kal argued that she knew the mountain passes well and so her father gave in. He then threatened Gary to take care of Kal and Gary grinned nervously, "Oh nothing to worry about, with Ramoth here, you have nothing to worry about!" Hastily climbing up on Ramoth's back, sitting in the crease between her wings and her neck, he extended a hand to help Kal up. Soon enough, they had taken flight, headed in the direction of Ziz's mountain.

Once they arrived at the mountain, they had to land because of the perils of flying up, and they started up the trail, Kal in the lead and Ramoth in the rear. After a few minutes of walking, they approached a landslide, which blocked the path. Gary bit his lip and then watched at Kal went up to investigate. Suddenly, one of the rock's arms grabbed her to their astonishment, and then the rubble rolled out and attacked them. It was three Geodudes, two Graveler, and a Golem, all appearing quite aggressive. "Kal!" Gary gritted his teeth, not wanting to try anything risky with her in the Graveler's possesion. "Are you okay?" he asked her before turning to Ramoth.

"Ramoth, let's show these guys who's boss! You too Raphael, let's go!" He quickly pulled a pokeball off of his belt and threw it up. In a bright flash, a Blastoise appeared, landing on the ground with a thud. He stood up on his hind legs and bellowed "Toise!" as two large cannons burst from his shell. "Alright, these guys wanna mess, so let's show them who's boss guys! Ramoth I want you to start off by Growling fiercely at them while showing your Scariest Face, and Raphael, I want you to quickly take out those three Geodudes with a good dousing of a Water Gun! Ramoth, I want you to then go and use your Shadow Claw on the Graveler who is holding Kal and try to free her, but please be careful of Kal, and Raphie, blast the other Graveler with a Bubble-Ice Punch combination!" Gary then faced the Golem, who he had not set a target on with his pokemon. He held his hands out defiantly against it, still gritting his teeth. "I won't let you hurt Kal and I won't let you block us!" he ordered it, as his two pokemon prepared to attack.
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