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Relicanth Dave's Landfall

It certainly was busy in Cerulean City, people bustling to and fro along the streets. None of them really paid attention to a lone figure sat on a bench outside a building, a fluffy avian Pokémon perched atop his head. Dave stretched, still recovering from the long ferry ride that had brought him to Cerulean Port - where better to start a journey than a City by the sea?

The new trainer tipped a few morsels of food into his hand, before reaching up, smiling slightly as he felt his companion peck greedily at the scraps. "Oi, make it last!" he admonished, not totally in a serious tone. "We're flat broke, so don't eat up so fast, Eyrie." The Rufflet instantly slowed down, though swiftly finished off his snack before setting down, his body forming a makeshift nest within his trainer's shaggy hair. "Ruff. Let-ruffrufflet." he muttered, not liking to keep his appetite in check. Better than scavenging though.

"Right then..." Suddenly, the human stood up from his resting place, stretching his arms while giving a slight yawn. Eyrie squawked in mild surprise, flapping his wings to keep himself stabilised before deciding to settle down on his partner's shoulder instead, pecking at his ear playfully. "Hey! Watch it! Anyways, we'd best look for something to do - we need to get you some experience, as well as some money... who knows, maybe we'll even find another Pokémon to share our jouney with! I heard there's supposed to be a few Water-types down at the port..." Dave mused, mostly to himself, though Eyrie seemd to be pretty enthused too. "Right, let's get to it."

am i doin it rite?
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