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Orlando's Diary

Day 1 - Opening Night under the Blood Moon

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Originally Posted by Orlando's Journal
Day 1

I feel like I'm not really the kind of guy to keep a diary or anything, but I'm on captain's orders to keep a record of my travels, so I suppose I have no choice. After all, it might be in my best interest to write shit down so I don't have to just have it rattling around in my head all night. And there's sure as hell been a lot to have rattle in the past 24 hours.

Being on land has already been kind of rough. I still haven't totally gotten my land legs back. It's not that I'm feeling unstable but it was a bit of a shock to get lost within a few hours of setting foot on solid ground. You'd think after a few years at sea, I'd actually be able to navigate worth a damn, but I guess you can't underestimate the crazy terrain changes over the past few years. I guess it was a happy accident, though, I also managed to stumble upon a little Nidoran looking for a bit of companionship. In retrospect, it was kind of stupid for me to leave without a Pokémon, but it must have been fate or something that we happened across each other. I've been calling him Max (short for Maximilian). It hasn't even been a full day but I can already tell that we'll be good partners. I feel like we both sort of found ourselves in similar circumstances and it's pretty fitting that we found each other while both being lost.

Not too long after, we managed to find a couple of guys camping out in the woods - Lock and Paul. They seem to be pretty friendly and allowed us to camp out for a little while. But the craziest thing was when a little Pikachu wandered into the campsite, clearly scared out of its mind and starving. She had been lost herself, but it seems like her circumstances were a bit more dire. She brought us into the swamp near the forest edge and - I kid you not - there was a real live honest-to-goodness ghost that was tried to kill us. Not a Ghost Pokémon. An actual ghost, in the flesh ectoplasm. At first it took the form of a Frillish, but this strange old woman performed some strange magic or something that revealed it to be the ghost of a poor little girl that was eaten by a beast wandering around the woods. I almost didn't believe any of this until I saw the beast for myself, purple and massive and oozing slime. I thought it might be some kind of Pokémon but I didn't get a chance to identify it before it stomped back into the forest...

Man writing that all out makes me realize how crazy I sound. Honestly, though, it all happened. I saw it with my own eyes, so did Paul. I promise that I'm 100% sober. But I can definitely tell you I got something real out of it - my second capture in half as many days. The poor little Pikachu that led me to the ghost used to belong to the little girl. I took her in as a promise to her. I think I'm gonna call her Lily, after her old trainer. She's a bit timid but I think she's happy to not be alone anymore. I'm sure she'll warm up pretty quickly. She's even got a neat technique that lets her heal herself. Impressive, I know!

It's all been so surreal. But I guess some excitement - well a lot of excitement - is probably a good sign. Though, I'm exhausted and still not entirely used to this solid ground thing. And my headaches have been coming back. I haven't craved a drink at all today (though I've hardly had the chance to), so that's progress. I think I'm gonna try my best to make my way to Viridian tomorrow and then make an attempt to get myself to Pewter in the next few days, just to see how it's changed. Maybe I'll even take a crack at a Gym Battle. If my catching streak keeps going as it has, I might be able to front somewhat of a team even.

Well, I guess this whole writing thing worked. I'm feeling pretty tired now. I'll end here for now. Good night!

(Who am I saying good night to? This is just a damn book!)


Day 2 - Kids and Kidnappings

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Originally Posted by Orlando's Diary
Day 2 (or maybe 3 at this point)

I can't seem to catch a break. I don't know if I'm paying for my sins or this is the universe's idea of a practical joke, but I really think someone has it out for me. After yesterday's rather... unpleasant situation, I found myself in an even worse one. Nearly the moment I set foot in Johto, I get kidnapped and locked up in a shack with a bunch of kids and their fatally wounded escort. Somehow, we managed to escape but, well. I think I can probably spare the gory details and just say that we got the best of our robbers, but Robert - the kid's escort, that is - had seen better days. Needless to say, he entrusted me, the only living "adult" (if you can call me that) in his vicinity with the care of these orphans, as well as a prized Pokémon of his. It's a strange one. My Pokédex calls it a "Lileep", some sort of ancient Pokémon that was revived from a fossil. I'm not quite sure what to think of her, but I'm stuck with her for now, so I might as well make the best of it. On the kids' insistence, I named her Reena. Not sure why, really, but I suppose it fits. Of course, having a rare Pokémon like this did draw some suspicion, especially when I was forced to transfer her into my name. I probably won't be able to show my face in this town for a little while...

Either way, we (and by we I mean me and the orphans) managed to escape. Robert had left information on where he was taking them, stuff about their next of kin, so I figured I was stuck transporting these children to their destinations. It really was the least I could do for this poor guy, though it's been a bit of a pain in my ass. The first two, twins, Taro and Kano, had a relative Haru who lived in New Bark. I was planning on just dropping them off and heading out, but he had a few uh... favors for me to do. I obliged with not much else to do, and once finished, I made my way to Cherrygrove with the remaining two kids, Lissy, whose grandmother lives here, and Rai, who I'm taking all the way to Violet. Tomorrow, I'll be getting Lissy home safe and Rai and I will set off north. Hopefully I'll have some better luck there... I'd write more but I'm struggling to stay awake at this point. It's crazy late. Night for now.

Days 3.5-6 ~ Revival

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Originally Posted by Day 3 and 4
I made it to Violet. Finally. I probably slept in later than I should have. By the time I woke up, it was probably close to noon. But my Pokémon didn't seem to mind too much - I think the last few days had been a bit stressful for them too. I did wake up to a bit of a surprise today, though. I got dumped with 26 Star Shards - supposedly because I am doing a good job helping the region? I'm not sure what that means, to be honest, but I'll take them. It also gave me a Love, Heal, Dive, Lure and Nest Ball. Not sure that I'll ever really use them, but I can't say no to balls, especially considering there aren't many. I also grabbed a bag of Soft Sand and some berries (Passho, Yache and Sitrus, I think).

Once I was done with my unexpected prize pack, I spent most of the rest of the day trying to get Reena to accept me. She's quite the stubborn one, but I think I made some progress. I let her look after the berry plants, which she seem pleased with. Which reminds me, I should probably look for someone who can take these off my hands...

Originally Posted by Day 5
I checked my mail again today to see another flood of items - this time from Jeri Co. (whatever that is). It was a huge bundle of TMs, including:
xo1 TM Sandstorm
xo1 TM Sunny Day
xo1 TM Giga Drain
xo1 TM Protect
xo1 TM Flamethrower
xo1 TM Earthquake
xo1 TM Drain Punch

I wasn't exactly sure what to do with some of these, but I figured we could have a little training montage. I ended up figuring out that these were actually fairly useful, and gave Max Sunny Day and Protect, Lily Protect, and Reena Giga Drain, Protect, Sandstorm and Sunny Day. I'm not exactly sure what I can do with Drain Punch or Flamethrower yet, but I'll hold on to them for now.

I also had a letter from Rosa... She sent me a few things - just a couple Potions and couple Revives. She also gave me a Rare Candy, which I promptly fed to Reena. The letter was short and kind of cryptic... I'm not really sure what to make of it.

I spent most of the rest of the day wandering around Violet. I also tried to bond with Reena a bit, who seems to be enjoying her job of gardener. She seems to be warming up, though quite slowly. She seems strangely... Bashful, for lack of better words. I think with a little more effort, we might just become good teammates.

On my wanderings today, I came across the Sprout Tower... I considered going in, but something about it intimidated me a little bit. I feel like I'm not quite in the right place yet to enter it. Something is stopping me. I feel like I might need to prove my strength before I can enter...

Originally Posted by Day 6
Day number three of mysterious packages for me - this mysterious Jeri Co. sent me yet another care package, this one with three (!!) Rare Candies, a few other candies they called "Egg Candies" and "Enigmatic Candies", a bunch of potions, something called a "Lax Incense", an Expert Belt, a TM for a move I hadn't heard of (Grassy Terrain?), some weird seeds and what I assume to be a boat ticket. I wasn't exactly sure what the deal was with all this crap but I accepted it nonetheless. I threw two candies to Lily and the other to Max, and gave the "Egg Candies" to Lily and Max as well. Lily seemed to be able to generate some sort of Electric Terrain, while max just wanted to Smash Heads. I didn't want Reena to feel left out, so she got both of the Enigmatic Candies. She seemed to warm up to me just by that, so I figure it was a good use of my time.

I spent most of the day just trying out the new moves I had managed to gather over the past few days, and by the time we were done, everyone was pretty beat. I think we're going to turn in early. Tomorrow, I think we're well overdue for hitting the Gym, as well as getting rid of these Berry plants. Reena is probably in a good enough place that we can hand these over to someone who can take care of them in the long term...

Day 7 ~ Sweet Victory
Spoiler: show
Originally Posted by Day 7
I won my first Gym Battle! I feel sort of like a little kid gushing to my journal about how I won a battle but... yanno, I do feel like a kid. I've wanted this since I was 10, anyway, so I feel like I deserve to feel like a kid, at least a little bit.

Arceus, it was so great though. Reena really proved her stuff - I feel like in spite of everything, we're developing a strong bond. Lily and Max both gave their all too, though I kinda, well, screwed Max over. I'll have to make it up to him soon. But, wow, it was just... Everything I had hoped for it to be. I can't wait to have another Gym Battle. I think I might head to Azalea next.

But, before I do that, I think I need to stop at the Sprout Tower. I feel like I'm ready to go there, after that. I think I'm ready to accept some guidance, and now that I've shown myself I'm strong enough, I think I can handle it. I've always really admired those monks. Maybe they can help me find my way a bit?

Anyway, I didn't realize how tired I am after all that! I think I'll turn in for now, but Sprout Tower first thing tomorrow!

Oh yeah, and tomorrow's my birthday. It's... strange to be 21. A year ago, I was convinced I wouldn't make it this far. But not even a month after I resolved to change, I'm in a much, much better place. I think, at least.

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