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Kecleon Orlando's Quest Log

Orlando's Quest Log
Name: Orlando Javier Azucena Aquino
Gender: Male
Age: 21
Class: Woodsman (Maj: Grass, Min: Ground, Weak: Ice)

Appearance: About 5'9", green-hazel eyes, tawny-colored skin. Hair is dark, almost black, and generally kept at a buzz or very short a the least. He's somewhat bulky but not particularly muscular. On his left forearm, he has a stylized tattoo depicting the shell of the World Torterra, decorated with stylized Grass Pokemon around its perimeter. He generally wears a white shirt with a subtle pattern on it, a pair of dark cargo pants, and a pair of worn boots. Around his neck, he wears a chain with a tear-drop shaped glass vial on the end, holding a fragment of a Roselia petal, sand from a Sandshrew's plate, a Flygon scale, and a single barb from a Nidoran, all mementos of his family.

Personality: Orlando is in some sense a shy person, though not because he dislikes people, but simply because it takes him a while to warm up to strangers. Once he gets acquainted with someone, however, he becomes sociable, excitable, and even a little goofy. Though he tries to act tough, he's rather kind-hearted, but his vulnerability causes him to develop deep attachments, making him overly sentimental. His sentimentality makes him nurturing, helping him to form strong bonds with his family and Pokémon.

Background: Born to an experienced horticulturalist mother from Lilycove and a geologist father from Pacifilog, Orlando had a happy childhood, living on Modseep until he was 4, when his parents moved to Kanto so his father could take a job in Pewter. There, his mother became pregnant, giving birth to his younger sister, Rosa. As Rosa grew up, they grew close and became inseparable. They would often play together around Mt. Moon, imagining they were powerful Pokémon. One day, while playing a game of Mewoth and Rattata, Rosa stumbled upon a Sandshrew, who was injured and a long way from home. Orlando and Rosa took it home with them, begging their mother to let them keep him. She agreed, using her Roselia's healing abilities to cure the Sandshrew. This Sandshrew, who Rosa named Pang, warmed up to them quickly, becoming their partner and playmate. As the years passed, they grew older until eventually Orlando reached the minimum age for becoming a Pokémon trainer. He desperately wanted to start his journey, hoping to start with a Turtwig that his father had promised to get him as his first Pokémon. Just before he set off, however, his father took him and the family on one last trip, taking them all to Olivine so they could relax while he attended a geology conference. For the next three days, they spent their time playing on the beach and enjoying Olivine while their father worked. The third day there was Orland's 10th birthday, and after a small party at the Olivine Café, Rosa and his mother gave him a present - a small pendant with a small fragment from each of his family member's favorite Pokémon inside to be a piece of his family to carry with him on his journey.

The next morning, Rosa and Orlando awoke to find their father already at work and their mother next door purchasing breakfast. The moment they got up, their mother burst in frantically, telling them that there was a flood advancing and that they had to escape. Hurriedly, they fled to higher ground, waiting out the worst of the flooding by the lighthouse. Once the waters receded, they went in search of their father, but when they came upon his office, his mother found their father's body, limp and cold. They spent the next week taking up shelter in the Olivine Gym, but as conditions grew worse, the other refugees grew restless. In the middle of an altercation over food and supplies, their mother was thrown out for disagreeing with an aggressive and dangerous man, getting separated from her children. The Olivine Gym Leader, then an old yet resilient woman, was so enraged by this act that she threw this man out, taking up care of the children as they tried to find their mother. Despite weeks of searching, they were never able to find their mother, who was presumed dead.

The Olivine leader took them in as her own children, trying her best to raise and attend to them in spite of her old age. While Rosa took to her well, Orlando had trouble accepting his surrogate mother, and at the age of 16, ran from home, looking to take up a life as a sailor to escape the pain of Olivine. Boarding the first ship that would employ him, he proved himself a competent deck hand, jumping between boats and making just enough to get by as he traveled the seas. At 18, he dove into a deep depression, losing what little money and possessions he had to booze, gambling and risky behavior, until, just shy of his twentieth birthday, he hit rock bottom and resolved to turn his life around. From that day forward, he dedicated his life to reuniting with his sister and mother, who he believed to still be alive, traveling where he could to search out his family.

Not long after this resolution, he came upon a poor Nidoran, who had been separated from his parents and sister much like he did. While he had not considered becoming a trainer since he was ten, the little rabbit re-awoke a spirit in him. He quickly befriended the Nidoran, becoming fast friends with the quiet Poison Pin Pokémon, sympathizing with his plight and journey.

Starter Group: Five


Maximilian ♂ @ Sitrus Berry
Species: Nidoran
Level: 15
Mood: 103
Nature: Quiet
Ability: Poison Point
Biography: Maximilian originally hails from the Viridian area, where he lived a quiet life with his parents, a Nidoqueen and Nidoking, and his younger sister, a Nidoran F. In an attack by poachers, however, he was separated from his family, lost and wandering for days in the Viridian Forest until he came upon Orlando, the first human to show him kindness, and decided to travel with him as his first Pokemon partner.
Personality: Max is rather quiet and fairly stoic, communicating almost entirely through twitches and nods, but intensely loyal and rather attached to his trainer, despite their recent meeting.


By Level - Next Attack: Fury Attack (Level 19)
Leer, Peck, Tackle, Focus Energy, Horn Attack, Double Kick, Poison Sting
By Egg
Sucker Punch, Head Smash, Confusion
Shock Wave, Iron Tail, Hidden Power [Grass], Sunny Day, Protect

Lily ♀ @ Expert Belt
Species: Pikachu
Level: 15
Mood: 78
Nature: Naďve
Ability: Static
Biography: A somewhat timid but excitable Pikachu, Lily once belonged to a young girl after who she was named. She had lived a fairly peaceful life with her trainer until a short time before meeting Orlando, during which her and her trainer were attacked by a horrible beast that killed the young girl, with the Pikachu watching on in horror and despair. Lost in the woods, starving and now without a trainer, she was stranded in the marshes, until coming upon Orlando with a few locals a few days later. She brought them to the site of her trainer's murder, only to find cleaned bones and a hostile Frillish that attempted to drag her into the water and drown her. This Frillish was revealed to be the confused and longing spirit of the dead girl, filled with sorrow over her untimely death and its horrendous circumstances. After some coaxing, her soul was put to rest, but the beast is still at large, stalking about the depths of the forest...
Personality: Somewhat timid and innocent, the young Pikachu can be somewhat excitable at times. Due to her traumatic experiences, has developed a bit of a fear of water and she is rather wary of leaving Orlando's side.

By Level - Next Attack: Double Team (Level 18)
Tail Whip, Thundershock, Growl, Play Nice, Thunder Wave, Quick Attack, Electro Ball
By Egg
Wish, Electric Terrain, Volt Tackle
Shock Wave, Iron Tail, Hidden Power [Grass], Protect, Drain Punch

Reena ♀ @ Grassy Seed
Species: Lileep
Level: 16
Mood: 123
Nature: Bashful
Ability: Suction Cups
Biography: A Pokémon originally caught in Tohjo Falls by Robert, a young man who helped transport orphans to homes in other cities who was murdered by a pair of hunters that had kidnapped them, and later Orlando, on the way to New Bark Town. Not much is known about Lileep's past or how it came to be in the Falls, but Robert and his group of orphans discovered it stuck in the river and offered it food and shelter. After Robert's murder, Orlando took the Poké Ball, looking to return it, before finding himself transferring her into his possession for morally dubious safe-keeping.
Personality: Currently unknown.

By Level - Next Attack: Ancient Power (Level 17)
Astonish, Constrict, Acid, Ingrain, Giga Drain, Confuse Ray
By Egg
Rock Slide, Stealth Rock
Hidden Power [Fighting], Sandstorm, Protect, Sunny Day, Giga Drain, Grassy Terrain, Return

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