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Re: Free For All Zone

Sandaa – As the girl hastily informs you of the situation, you speak up, instantly feeling the need to help solve the crisis in whatever way you can. Ramoth nods with you, also sensing the necessity of these circumstances, for as a queen dragon herself, she knows it is her responsibility to give aid to her comrades. You mention she could stay far away from the terrible disease, and she gives you a severe look at this notion. However, you plead desperately with her through your eyes, and she yields reluctantly to your request, understanding your concern for her safety.

However, since the girl has been preoccupied with Dratini, your compromise goes unnoticed, and she turns and leaves you behind without saying anything in her haste. “Wait!” you call, and start to run after her. "I can still help! Ramoth isn't my only flyer either, I have a Tropius too! We can go off and search for this cure, right?" you shout to her, hoping that she’ll still be able to hear you over the distance she’d already covered.

She does, and stops for a moment, seeming at a loss what to do. Meanwhile, you catch up to her, panting slightly from the amount of effort you exerted while doing so. She looks at you and Ramoth, registering your determination, and nods once. “All right, come, follow me. My father might know what to do.” She takes your hand and leads you over to the caves, with Ramoth following behind at a cautious distance. Before entering, she turns and respectfully addresses Ramoth with an insistent tone. “You must wait here, your majesty. Don’t go inside.” Ramoth heeds her warning and parks herself a short distance from the entrance, her tail moving listlessly back and forth as she watches the two of you head inside, her red eyes following you anxiously.

When you step inside the cave, you are first surprised at how large the interior really is. The giant cavern looks like the kind of the chamber where monster dragons kept their horde like in storybooks, only now it is used to house several smaller dragons, who all appear sickly and unable to rise in order to defend against an unknown intruder. Many people are wandering about, covering the dragons’ backs with blankets and hurrying around carrying supplies. Those people disappear through several exits in the rock on the walls opposite to you; you assume they must lead to other large chambers like this, probably also filled with sick dragons. Your heart sinks a little at the thought, seeing all the villagers working so hard to help, but still unable to achieve anything in the face of such a huge crisis.

“Did you find her, Kal?” A man comes over with a small boy who looks like he’s been crying. The girl who’s been standing next to you steps forward and hands the bundle over to the kid, who exclaims joyfully upon seeing his Pokmon before running off to give it some medicine. The man watches him go with a grim face, then turns and looks at you with a mixture of curiosity and doubt. “Who’s this?” he asks, directing his question at the girl.

“Father, he just arrived in the village with his Charizard. I told him he should leave, but he wants to help by looking for a cure.”

The man nods, understanding you intentions. He then addresses you, sounding concerned. “Is your Charizard still healthy?” You nod, and he looks relieved for a moment before seeming serious again. “Listen, maybe you can help. None of us know how to treat this disease, but there may be one who does. Ziz, the dragon lord of the Sky. He lives on the highest mountaintop in the valley. Our village used to worship him, but ever since humans once launched an attack on his temple from the air he does not permit any creatures to fly near his mountain, lest he strike them down immediately. Thus we’ve had to pay reverent visits to his temple on foot, but the way is dangerous unless accompanied by a dragon, for there live many creatures on the mountain that humans are simply no match for; they can only be deterred by a dragon’s superbly powerful strength.

None of us have dared to attempt a journey to ask of Ziz his wisdom in dealing with the illness, for all the dragons in the vicinity have been affected so rapidly, and none of the villagers possess any other type of Pokmon that could help defend against the creatures. Thus we haven’t been able to do anything; we can’t even fly to another city to try and find help. Even if we were able to, the cities are so far away that by the time help does arrive, I fear it might be too late by now…”

He pauses in his speech, gazing at you meaningfully to see if you’ve understood what he’s been saying so far. “However, you’ve just arrived, so your Pokmon is still healthy. I hate to ask this of you when the task is so dangerous, but perhaps with your Charizard you’d be able to make it safely up the mountain to see Ziz. It is understandable if you do not wish to embark on this journey. We cannot spare any men to go along with you, since taking care of all the sick demands many more people as it is. However, you might be our only hope, please consider accepting.”

What will be your response?
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