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Re: Free For All Zone

Originally Posted by quilava plush
Jonouchi: Pachirisu chatters defiantly while wrapping Kage's headband around its head and sends a Shockwave directly at Kage. Although the blast doesn't strike your ghost head-on, you can tell that she's a little singed on her, uh, bottom area. Kage retaliates with a deafening Screech, not only sending Pachirisu into a screaming fit over hurt ears, but your ears ring as well and you realize a few Rattata on the side fall out of the trees due to the sheer noise Kage is stirring up. Anyhow, while Pachirisu covers its ears and tries to shake off the ear-spitting soundwaves, Kage dives in to try to Knock Off her precious headband; although she failed to wrestle off the headband this time, the blow she dealt to the squirrel was swift and hard, knocking the rodent to its back. As Kage dives in for another attempt to Knock the headband Off of the squirrel, Pachirisu braces for impact and meets Kage's headbutt with a Spark,both dealing damage to each other. After what looks like a miniature electric explosion, the dust clears and it appears that Pachirisu no longer wears the headband, and instead the band lies on the ground. Pachirisu tries to make a dive for it, but realizes that it wouldn't get far with it while Kage's around, so it stands on all fours and flicks its tail, ready to counter. Both Pokemon took some damage, but Pachirisu has used up more energy thanks to the two electric attacks.
The Battle rages on as the Pachirisu was getting swatted down. He tries to think of a new strategy, but he still had to remain cool, and so does Kage.

"At least the headband's off of it." he thought.

He then looks at the Pachirisu getting ready to counter his attack at any moment. He had to think of something before he takes Kage's headband away again.

"Kage, get in front of your headband and use a Psywave to knock him off of his feet. Then place it on your head and show him who's boss with a Knock Off."

"Yeah, this sucker's gonna pay!" she said.

Ricco hopes that she wouldn't get too crazy with her headband, otherwise he'll pay for it. Him and the Pachirisu he's battling.
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