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Re: Free For All Zone

Ed, if you still want to jump in you can. I'd just like to get this Adventure rolling now. ^~

Sandaa – You and your dragon choose to ignore revenge in favor of finding a more satisfying dish for you to consume, and continue on with your descent into the valley, the two of you landing quietly at the edge of the Weyr. You slide off her back easily and take a glance around the town; there seems to be no one in sight. Feeling puzzled as to why there’s no activity going on here, you begin to wander deeper into the heart of the Weyr, searching for any person or dragon inhabitant. Ramoth drops down on all fours and follows behind you silently, weaving her large body through the wide gaps between the buildings without much trouble. The settlement has obviously been designed to accommodate dragons traveling the roads as well, although the streets are empty right now.

You reach the center of the town and stop short, confused and rather disappointed by the clear lack of commotion. You can hear Ramoth’s soft rumbling behind you, indicating her displeasure as well as her hunger.

Suddenly you hear a soft click, followed by the sound of a door being closed. You hastily turn around and spot a girl dressed in red, standing in front of one of the shelters, apparently having just exited the hut. She has her back to you, and for a moment all you can see is her long white hair, until she turns around and faces you. Her amber eyes look startled upon noticing your presence, and then glances frantically at the bored dragon sitting beside you. She runs up to you, and before you can ask her a question, she abruptly cuts in, speaking to you in an urgent tone.

“I’m sorry, you can’t be here right now. There’s been a severe epidemic recently affected all the dragons in the area. If you stay long, your Charizard might get sick too, and we haven’t been able to find a cure for it yet.” She glances down worriedly, and you suddenly realize that in her arms she’s holding a small bundle, consisting of a young Dratini wrapped in cloth. The Dratini’s eyes are closed and it is obviously in pain, writhing occasionally within its blanket like a snake. Its scales are also colored with an unhealthy-looking greenish-yellow tinge, making you feel concern.

She frowns gravely, and looks towards you again. “I’m sorry, I have to get this one to one of the caves. That’s where everyone is, trying to take care of all the patients. But there’s nothing we can do, we can’t send anyone to try and find a treatment…” She trails off, her mind seeming preoccupied. The Dratini in her arms suddenly starts to thrash about in intense agony, and the girl instantly forgets you, whirling around and hurrying off in the direction of the cliffs, heading towards a series of caverns on the side of the mountain. You glance nervously towards Ramoth, whose burning red eyes gaze back solemnly. Looks like this is serious.

Will you choose to stay and try to help? Or perhaps you should leave in order to ensure your own Pokmon’s safety. What will you decide?
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