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Re: Free For All Zone

Jonouchi: Pachirisu chatters defiantly while wrapping Kage's headband around its head and sends a Shockwave directly at Kage. Although the blast doesn't strike your ghost head-on, you can tell that she's a little singed on her, uh, bottom area. Kage retaliates with a deafening Screech, not only sending Pachirisu into a screaming fit over hurt ears, but your ears ring as well and you realize a few Rattata on the side fall out of the trees due to the sheer noise Kage is stirring up. Anyhow, while Pachirisu covers its ears and tries to shake off the ear-spitting soundwaves, Kage dives in to try to Knock Off her precious headband; although she failed to wrestle off the headband this time, the blow she dealt to the squirrel was swift and hard, knocking the rodent to its back. As Kage dives in for another attempt to Knock the headband Off of the squirrel, Pachirisu braces for impact and meets Kage's headbutt with a Spark,both dealing damage to each other. After what looks like a miniature electric explosion, the dust clears and it appears that Pachirisu no longer wears the headband, and instead the band lies on the ground. Pachirisu tries to make a dive for it, but realizes that it wouldn't get far with it while Kage's around, so it stands on all fours and flicks its tail, ready to counter. Both Pokemon took some damage, but Pachirisu has used up more energy thanks to the two electric attacks.

thed3: You and Drillbit dart through the ocean at full speed, the Dunsparce somewhat resembling a torpedo as he makes his way through the current. For a first time swimmer, he seems like a natural despite his normal typing, and he occasionally rises hed head above water for breaths of air but immediately jumps back into the program, temporarily avoiding the annoyance. The two of you finally make it to the shallows and, stepping upon the sands of the shore, approach the washed-up Phione and examine it closely. While Poochyena growls as you approach, it immediately turns its head to the rocks once more and flattens its ears with another growl towards it. As it pauses while thinking about what to do, you see its little eyes narrow in frustration and confusion as it looks between you and the place it originated from. Eventually it grudgingly trots off with the sparkling locket in its maw. Drillbit seems to calm down just as the Poochyena begins to trek back as well, making the situation more curious, but for now the Phione looks like it needs help quickly. You examine the fallen sea nymph and notice that the heat of the sun is beginning to rapidly dehydrate it; although the tide washes up upon it, it's not enough to support it and you can see its little body begin to shrivel up and the wound at its side drains slightly.

A banter of squawks and barks soon diverts your attention; the Poochyena is now wrestling with a Wingull, apparently engaging in a tug of war between a determined pooch and a shiny-loving bird with the locket in-between. The silver jewelry glimmers in the sun as it's strained between the two quarreling Pokemon, and even more, the sounds of the squabble cause the little Phione to stir, albeit weakly as it slowly turns to its un-injured side and mutters a soft "Phii?" Eventually the Poochyena drives the seagull opponent off, but unknown to it, the squabble forced the locket open and a white object flies out of it and lies in the sand as the puppy trots back to the rocky area of the beach.
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