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Altaria Daisy's super awesome squad summary~

Ugh, I need to do this so bad~

~Current Squad~

Mango: Female lv4 Primeape
Orchid: Female lv3 Lileep
Nimbus: Female lv4 Altaria
Special Training: Cute and Fluffy
Nimbus is so adorable and loving that her attacks involving appealing to the opponent are more effective. She gains the moves Charm, Sweet Kiss, and Lovely Kiss, but loses Dragon Rush, Fury Attack, Outrage, Rage, and Swagger. Those moves are too mean and angry for such a sweetheart like Nimbus, so she refuses to know them.
Luster: Female lv3 Grumpig
Fairest: Female lv3 Nidorina
Clover: Female lv3 Lopunny
Longshot: Female lv3 Remoraid
Aquavolt: Female lv3 Chinchou
Embers: Female lv3 Combusken
Eclair: Female lv3 Piloswine
Hanafusa: Female lv3 Jumpluff
Vudu: Female lv3 Misdreavus
Cayenne: Female lv3 Heatmor
AC/DC: Female lv3 Eelektrik
Capri: Female lv3 Whimsicott
Nyx: Female lv2 Murkrow
Peanut: Female lv2 Natu
Amber: Female lv3 Aerodactyl

Records, Reffings, and Random Misc~

Spoiler: show
UPN Finished Battles

1. Toastedbagel vs DaisyInari
ZoraJolteon- Win by DQ, 1KO, 2TP

2. UPN PASBL: Copygoo VS. DaisyInari
DaveTheFishGuy- Lose by KO, 3TP

3. UPN PASBL: DaisyInari vs. Roserade Raider
hen da man/Holy emperor- Win by KO, 3KO, 6 TP

4. UPN PASBL: KratosAurion VS. DaisyInari
DaveTheFishGuy, Lose by KO, 3TP

5. UPN PASBL: DaisyInari vs. Tyranidos
Joshua- Lose by KO, 2TP

6. UPN PASBL: DaisyInari vs. Spikkle
S_M- Win by DQ, 1KO, 2 TP

7. UPN PASBL: quintowill vs DaisyInari
blazeVA- Lose by KO, 2TP

8. UPN PASBL: DaisyInari vs. blazeVA
empoleon dynamite - Win by KO, 2KO, 4TP

9. UPN PASBL: SP-Eevee vs. DaisyInari
Poke_Hunter- Lose by KO, 3TP

10. UPN PASBL: DaisyInari vs. Char
Tyranidos- Lose by KO, 3TP

11. UPN PASBL: Empoleon Dynamite vs DaisyInari
Lonely Cubone- Lose by KO, 2 TP

12. UPN PASBL: Pengy (c) vs. Daisy (a)
Oliver101- Win by KO, 2KO and 4TP

13. UPN PASBL: DaisyInari VS. biggggg5
DaveTheFishGuy- Win by KO, 3KO and 6TP

14. UPN PASBL: DaisyInari vs Roglef
Celebii151- Win by KO, 2KO and 4TP

15. UPN PASBL: Daisy The Flower vs The Lokinator
Claire/Kuno- Win by KO, 2KO and 4TP

16. UPN PASBL: Daisy versus poopy
blazeVA/Xanderketsu-Win by KO, 3KO and 6TP

17. UPN PASBL: Shuckle vs. Daisy
Poke_Hunter- Win by KO, 4KOs and 8TP

18. UPN PASBL: GentlemanViking vs DaisyInari
kusari- Win by KO, 1KO and 2TP

19. UPN PASBL: DaisyInari vs Copygoo
Holy Emperor- Win by KO, 4KO and 8TP

20. UPN PASBL: Quinto (c) v Daisy (a)
XanderKetsu- Win by KO, 3KO and 6TP

UPN Current Battles

1. UPN PASBL: DaisyInari vs. Sneezey12



UPN Finished Reffings

1. UPN PASBL: GrJackass vs. Charminions
Daisyinari- 3 SP

2. UPN PASBL: Kusari vs Oliver101 Part 2
blazeVA/Daisyinari- 3.75 SP

3. UPN PASBL: GrJackass vs. AfterYou
EmpoleonDynamite/Daisyinari- 1 SP

4. ==> UPN PASBL: Poke Hunter vs. Copygoo
DaisyInari- 5SP

5. Pokébowl 2011 Semifinals - Kuno vs Char
DaisyInari- 2SP

6. UPN PASBL: Hanatori vs. DaveTheFishGuy
S_M/Daisyinari- CANCELED, 1SP

7. UPN PASBL: Dave vs. Concept~
DaisyInari- Tie, 2 SP

UPN Current Reffings




4. UPN PASBL: Quintowill vs. Swampert28

5. UPN PASBL: Kuno vs. Copygoo


1. Gained 5 TP from Blaze for Avatar

2. Gained 5 SP from Lonely Cubone for Badge

3. Gained 5 SP from Kush for Badge

4. Gained 5 SP from Dave for Badge

5. Gained 2 SP from Rangeet for Request!

6. Gained 10 SP from Rangeet for Commission!

7. Gained 10 SP from Hen for Commission!

8. Gained 2.75 SP from Kairne for Commission!

9. Gained 16 SP from Dave for Commission!

10. Gained 10 SP from Kairne for Commission!

11. Gained 5 SP from Kush for Commission!

Serebii Finished Battles

1. SPPFun PASBL: DaisyInari vs. NarutoNinja
Copygoo- Win by KO, 3KO, 6TP

2. SPPFun PASBL: DaisyInari vs. hen da man
Copygoo- Win by DQ, 3KO, 6TP

3. SPPf PASBL: DaisyInari vs Milotic111
handymankg2- Lose by KO, 3TP

4. gmoyes (a) vs DaisyInari (c) Noobs gone wild!
brandan- Win by KO, 3KO, 6TP

5. SPPF PASBL: GoodNews92 v DaisyInari
firewater- Lose by KO, 4TP

6. SPPf PASBL: Daisy vs Fishy Dave
milotic111- Lose by KO, 3 TP

7. SPPf PASBL: George vs. Daisy
Roseheart95 - Win by KO, 2KO, 4TP

8. SPPF PASBL: DaisyInari vs. Armaldo
rocky57- Win by KO, 3KO, 6 TP

9. SPPf PASBL: DaisyInari vs brandan
blazeVA- Lose by KO, 2TP

10. SPPF PASBL: Daisy vs Oliver
kusari- Win by KO, 3KO and 6TP

11. SPPf PASBL: DaisyBert versus ScottSpeevy
Ethe- Lose by KO, 2TP

12. SPPF PASBL: Ethe vs Daisy
Davethefishguy- Lose by KO, 3TP

13. SPPF PASBL: Kairne vs Daisy Winter Whirl Cup
Salamencia/Sneezey- Win by KO, 2KO and 4TP

Serebii Current Battles


Serebii Finished Reffings

1. SPPF: capitalh vs. armaldo
DaisyInari- 3SP

2. SPPF: Alphapup Vs. PokeLegend~
DaisyInari- 2.5SP

3. SPPf PASBL: Charminions vs da_garchomp_er
kusari/sneezey12/DaisyInari- .5SP

Serebii Current Reffings



1. Pokebowl '11 Daisy vs. Weebos
Dragondance- Lose by KO, 1 TP

2. Pokebowl '11 Quinto vs. Kush
DaisyInari- Lose by KO, 2 SP

3. Winter Whirl Cup Round 2 Daisy vs Haymez
Mercutio/Kush- Lose by KO, 2 TP

Hi, I'm Daisy!

Spoiler: show
W(DQ)- 22(3) L(DQ)-14(0)
TP-131 SP- 64.5/96.5 (5SP to Deh, 5SP to FW, 5SP to Desert Spirit, 8.5SP to Fallen Icarus, 10SP to Kyro12, 8SP to Charminions, 10 to aposteriori)

~Fizzy Bubbles~

Credits to Charm for making this!

Come, my birdies!!!! Mwahahahaha!!!!!!

Thanks Pingu for being so nice and making me this~

Credit to TheKnightsFury for the sprite!

Fear my abnormally large signature~

Be Positive Ref~ I <3 you, Lonely Cubone and those who eval'd me~

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