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Re: Free For All Zone

Originally Posted by quilava plush
thed3: You and Drillbit swim closer to investigate the Poochyena and what washed up ashore. As you go near, the Poochyena takes notice and begins growling at you, diverted from trotting back to where he came from. Within the puppy's maw is a shimmering silver star-shaped locket studded with sapphire blue gemstones and you can tell that its opened and empty. A few feet between you and the dog, lying on the sands as the tide washes up upon it, is an oddly-shaped sea nymph with a single antenna lying face down, knocked out with a wound in its side. Having grown up around the sea, it doesn't take you long to recognize it as a washed-up Phione, but how it wound up on the shore is a mystery to you. You try to put two and two together as the distracted puppy suddenly turns his attention towards the rocks; for a moment you can't imagine why its focus towards you was suddenly pulled away, but Drillbit begins to show a little discomfort as well. He awkwardly struggles to to cover both ears, but the land snake can only do so much before resulting to lowering his head under the water to avoid whatever he is hearing. As your sight shifts in-between the unconscious Phione, Drillbit struggling, and the Poochyena with the locket in its jaws (and torn between barking at you and returning to where it came from), you can't help but think that something mighty fishy is going on- and not just because the sea is full of fish.
Something wasn't right with the situation as Thed could tell. Drillbit was his main concern as he dove underneath the water to try and alleviate whatever was noise was bothering him. The Poochyena was just barking madly both at him and something else that was out of his sight. And then there was Phione just lying in the sand, seemingly unconscious. He had only seen that pokemon once before back at home. Hardly anyone believed him back then since the pokemon was only a local tale and sightings of them were far and few between to be taken seriously. He wondered what had happened to the small pokemon and figured it had something to do with whatever was aggravating Dirllbit and Poochyena.

"Drillbit!" Thed called to his Dunsparce.
Getting no response Thed held his breath and submerged his head into the water. He saw his little Dunsparce still in a bit of a panicked trance and gave the Dunsparce a little follow-me signal with his finger. The Dunsparce swam up to the surface immediately.
"Ok, Drillbit we're going to swim as fast as possible back to land. Don't worry about yourself I'm here for you just in case ok."
"Let's go then"
With that Thed and Drillbit began to head back towards land close to where the Phione laid.

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