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Re: Free For All Zone

Originally Posted by quilava plush
Jonouchi: Kage responds to the curious arachnid on your head by headbutting at it to Knock it Off. Taken aback by the hostile attack, the Spinarak holds on to your head as tight as it can, gripping on to your skull as the force nearly knocks it over, but without success. Though you can't see it well, the spider's little eyes narrow in annoyance at Kage as it stubbornly sits atop your head. As a last resort, your Shuppet lets out a deafening Screech before attempting to Knock Off the spider once more. This time she succeeds and the green arachnid flies back, angry and somewhat whimpering, and you see it run off in the opposite direction but also notice a circular tag with a little golden insignia in the shape of a butterfly on its back. As you brace youself for a possible incoming swarm of giant red spiders to attack you, an acorn then smacks you from above as the same Pachirisu from before angrily chatters and leaps onto the forest floor. You notice that it's wearing a black collar with a golden tag not unlike what the Spinarak had on its back, but you stop thinking about that when the Pachirisu sends a weak jolt of electricity towards you. Looks like you hurt its friend. The electric squirrel continues chattering in its little squirrel tongue, probably throwing in a few dirty words for good measure, then leaps up and swipes Kage's headband to wear for itself. Needless to say, it's not very happy with you. What course of action do you wish to take?
Ricco watches the Spinarak run away, noticing the mark on its back. Ricco wondered what it could be, until Kage blurts it out:

"You think that's the last of him?" she said. "What if she brings friends?"

Ricco can imagine the thought of being surrounded by Ariados, hung by a web, just him and his obnoxious Ghost, waiting to be eaten! Ricco didn't know what was worse: the fact that she can produce such a horrid thought in his head, or the fact that she just gave Spinarak two genders. Ricco shakes his head before trying to move on, however he gets clonked by another acorn, this time, coming from the same Pachirisu. It begins to blabber some nonsense, but Kage responds back to it in a similar manner.

"Oh yeah?!" she shouted. "Well so are you, you annoying excuse for a Pikachu clone!!"

Before she knew it, her headband was swiped from her. All of those months, all of those coins, all of those distrupted attempts to get Ricco's final slot! That angered her.

"You can annoy me, call me names and throw dirt in my face, you little rat!" she said. "But never, ever, EVER, STEAL MY FREAKING HEADBAND!!!"

"Oh boy." Ricco sighs. "Up for a battle?"

"HELL YEAH!!!" she said. "I'm going to tear that rat a new one!"

Ricco thought it would be good for a first real battle here, so why not?"

"All right, attack it with Screech, and two consecutive Knock Off attacks."

"Oh, how original!" she snapped sarcastically.

Ricco sighs as Kage moves in on the offensive...

I'll try to get more moves for her when the time comes.
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