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Re: Free For All Zone

Jonouchi: Kage responds to the curious arachnid on your head by headbutting at it to Knock it Off. Taken aback by the hostile attack, the Spinarak holds on to your head as tight as it can, gripping on to your skull as the force nearly knocks it over, but without success. Though you can't see it well, the spider's little eyes narrow in annoyance at Kage as it stubbornly sits atop your head. As a last resort, your Shuppet lets out a deafening Screech before attempting to Knock Off the spider once more. This time she succeeds and the green arachnid flies back, angry and somewhat whimpering, and you see it run off in the opposite direction but also notice a circular tag with a little golden insignia in the shape of a butterfly on its back. As you brace youself for a possible incoming swarm of giant red spiders to attack you, an acorn then smacks you from above as the same Pachirisu from before angrily chatters and leaps onto the forest floor. You notice that it's wearing a black collar with a golden tag not unlike what the Spinarak had on its back, but you stop thinking about that when the Pachirisu sends a weak jolt of electricity towards you. Looks like you hurt its friend. The electric squirrel continues chattering in its little squirrel tongue, probably throwing in a few dirty words for good measure, then leaps up and swipes Kage's headband to wear for itself. Needless to say, it's not very happy with you. What course of action do you wish to take?

thed3: You and Drillbit swim closer to investigate the Poochyena and what washed up ashore. As you go near, the Poochyena takes notice and begins growling at you, diverted from trotting back to where he came from. Within the puppy's maw is a shimmering silver star-shaped locket studded with sapphire blue gemstones and you can tell that its opened and empty. A few feet between you and the dog, lying on the sands as the tide washes up upon it, is an oddly-shaped sea nymph with a single antenna lying face down, knocked out with a wound in its side. Having grown up around the sea, it doesn't take you long to recognize it as a washed-up Phione, but how it wound up on the shore is a mystery to you. You try to put two and two together as the distracted puppy suddenly turns his attention towards the rocks; for a moment you can't imagine why its focus towards you was suddenly pulled away, but Drillbit begins to show a little discomfort as well. He awkwardly struggles to to cover both ears, but the land snake can only do so much before resulting to lowering his head under the water to avoid whatever he is hearing. As your sight shifts in-between the unconscious Phione, Drillbit struggling, and the Poochyena with the locket in its jaws (and torn between barking at you and returning to where it came from), you can't help but think that something mighty fishy is going on- and not just because the sea is full of fish.

Originally Posted by Dragon 11
QP: The waitress smiles and writes down your drink orders. She then leaned back and looked at a chart with the specials. “Miltank ribs with our famous barbeque sauce, with a choice of our sides, and there’s the barbeque Caesar salad. There’s a corn berry, mashed potatoes, greens, potato salad, and fried green tamato berries. I’ll get your drinks while you decide on what to get.”

The short, brunette waitress walked into the back room, leaving you to do what you like. After a few minutes she came back with a lemon-lime soda in a bowl and a blackberry tea. The waitress looked out the window to the art museum. “Oh,” she caught herself, “sorry. I’m going to the museum after my shift. I was actually related to the featured artist. It’s nice to have the paintings back in town. I hope they stay. You’re my last table before I go.” She frowned, putting the drinks down. “Sorry. I over-explain things sometimes. Have you decided?”

The waitress pulled her notepad out of her jeans and waited to hear what you decided.
Mara immediately jumped to the side as the bowl of sparkling lemon-lime concoction was placed on the table next to her tea and happily began to lap it up. Rivka, on the other hand, was mesmerized at the idea of barbecued Miltank ribs and ordered accordingly. "I'll take the Miltank ribs special with a cornn berry and potato salad." She then looked to the Linoone beside her, knowing exactly what she'd want. "Also, a plate of Combusken wings for my Linoone here, please. She likes them plain." Her mouth watering over the thought of having a warm and tasty meal, the trainer paused before realizing what the waitress said about the museum. "Wait, you're related to the Charles Remington? I was looking at his works right before coming here and I was planning to go back to look some more!" The trainer's eyes had lit up upon hearing about the waitress's relation. "You're lucky to have somebody like him in your lineage." Silently yet eagerly, the trainer sipped her tea.
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