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Re: Free For All Zone

*nabs Furi* (Sorry, Shadow. I'm kinda tired after writing this and I think I'd only like to Update one person for now, at least until I get back into the swing of things.)

Also too tired to write my own intro post, so I guess I'll just be Updating.

Sandaa – Eight seconds gradually pass, during which you feel freezing cold and deprived of nearly all your feeling. Then, your body suddenly emerges from Between to find itself mercifully suspended high above the mountaintops; grey giants with white-tipped peaks lining the landscape for miles below. As your senses return you can feel the beat of her wings and the strong pulse of her body as it ripples underneath yours, and your vision that’s now been restored allows you to see a long, graceful neck and head of noble golden hue, partially obstructing your outlook on the world below.

Immediately you recognize your Charizard, who has a name and regal appearance befitting a queen. She spreads her wings and sails over the tops of peaks, letting the winds carry you easily through the clear air. You grin in exuberance from the fall, and the lock of your legs tightens a little around her neck as you release one hand in order to reach into your back pocket, where fingertips close gently around a folded piece of paper wedged in between the clothing. Obtaining the guide, you let it unfold entirely before you and carefully lay it out on the lizard’s neck, tracking your place on the parchment as you fly. You notice a location on the guide that draws you, and you mention it to Ramoth, who rumbles permissively in answer, folding back her wings and dropping down another stage as she descends smoothly into the valley.

As the two of you near the cliffside, Ramoth arranges to land, turning towards the rock face by design. However, a black obstruction unexpectedly descends upon you from above, striking straight past Ramoth’s head with deliberate quickness and force. She roars in surprise and beats back air, halting her progress in order to avoid colliding with either it or the mountain. You both steady yourselves, and glance around for what caused the disturbance. You hear laughter coming from above, and look up in time to see a black scaled tail disappear around the side of the mountain, the end of which smolders with flame. Ramoth hisses contemptuously, but does not give chase yet without orders. She turns her head by a number of degrees and gazes at you expectantly, her slitted ruby eye commanding you to make a decision.

Ahead of you lies the Weyr; you can see homes built by humans near the rock face, where caverns also indicate the presence of other dragons. You don’t see any signs of actual dragons (or people) at the moment, though they might be deeper within the village. So you could choose to enter the village now and forget about the offensive incident that happened just a moment ago, or you could try and track down the culprit and teach them a lesson about proper flying etiquette. Which will it be?
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