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Re: Free For All Zone

Whee, who wants to update a dragony adventure? :o

A large figure suddenly appeared in the air, soaring high above the mountain tops. A teenage boy was perched on the creature's back, legs straddeling the back of her neck, just above the shoulderblades and where the rather large wings sprouted from. The boy grinned, shaking off the chilling feeling of Teleporting in between, which was never pleasant, no matter how many times one goes through it. The boy then pulled a small map out of his back pocket and opened it up on the back of the Charizard's long, golden neck. "Hmm, it looks like they Weyr's up ahead, Ramoth. We can find a place to rest up there." The dragon gave a quick grunt and flapped her wings as they began to soar lower into the mountains. A Weyr was a sort of dragon village, where people co-exist with all sorts of dragons. Weyrs were often built into mountain and cliffsides as well, mostly to make it easier for dragons to fall into flight. Gary and Ramoth descended into the mountain valley, looking around for whatever they might find.
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