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Re: Free For All Zone

(OOC: Since I won't be expecting updates from my existing updator (D:!), I might as well try my hand here. This intro is for anyone who wouldn't mind updating me, nothing too overly dangerous though considering the low level of my gang. >> Thanks ahead.)

Atop a small hill, the trainer known as Shadow basked in the breeze with his crew. Over the course of his journeying, while Shadow felt that he could have accomplished much more, he did feel that the current status of his squad was rather pleasantly decent for his level. He glanced between each of them and performed mild assessment.

Grim, the first Pokemon he had and the indisputed leader of sorts over the group, always calm and collected whose shared tactics with Shadow had managed to accomplish a couple of wins under his proverbial belt.

Ephidel, the second chronological member of the group with a penchant for blood like all others of his species, yet after a few trips to the Beauty Salon Shadow noticed that Ephidel had become more obedient and wouldn't attack the necks of his teammates... at least.

Zapster, the third member of the team, who had been hatched out of Shadow's first Pokemon egg, and a peppy, inquisitive baby Pokemon to boot. Zapster liked nothing better than charging himself up with his arms and delivering short, sharp shocking punches.

Diamondhead, the fourth member of the team, was a quiet Pokemon who didn't like talking much, preferring to let things blow over by resisting the elements with his armour. Shadow could only guess that this came about as a result of possible trauma he went through during his pre-adoption life.

Mango, the fifth member of the team, whom Shadow noted did have a fair amount of experience from her tenure under another trainer, but likewise also happened to be more excited than a barrel of Mankey, even more so than Zapster. Her addiction to Sweet stuff didn't help either.

Shadow eased a smile as he watched his gang interact with each other, cheering and hollering in language he could never fully understand. As much as he had hoped to progress further, it would be wrong to say he didn't feel contented. Still, he felt that there was still more potential he could bring out of himself and his team. If only there was a place where he could test the limits of what he knew and his Pokemon could do. A small training school or park, perhaps?...

He suddenly squinted into the distance. There, about a mile away, was a distinctly human establishment, with a huge plot of cleared land next to a small, single-storeyed building. Or was it? Shadow couldn't tell clearly even with his spectacles on.

"Deus ex machina," he murmured. "Come along, team. I think we've got somewhere else to occupy our afternoons with."

In a group of happy voices, the five young Pokemon trailed after the scientist...

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