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Re: Free For All Zone

QP: The waitress smiles and writes down your drink orders. She then leaned back and looked at a chart with the specials. “Miltank ribs with our famous barbeque sauce, with a choice of our sides, and there’s the barbeque Caesar salad. There’s a corn berry, mashed potatoes, greens, potato salad, and fried green tamato berries. I’ll get your drinks while you decide on what to get.”

The short, brunette waitress walked into the back room, leaving you to do what you like. After a few minutes she came back with a lemon-lime soda in a bowl and a blackberry tea. The waitress looked out the window to the art museum. “Oh,” she caught herself, “sorry. I’m going to the museum after my shift. I was actually related to the featured artist. It’s nice to have the paintings back in town. I hope they stay. You’re my last table before I go.” She frowned, putting the drinks down. “Sorry. I over-explain things sometimes. Have you decided?”

The waitress pulled her notepad out of her jeans and waited to hear what you decided.

Jerichi:You look out towards your Snorunt and Keckleon and as you get on the 40 foot tall brown roller coaster’s third row. As you crank up the first hill, you look out at your pokemon come face to face with the three mischief makers, but then you go down the hill and you’re too busy with the ride.

Snowy and Ai walked back though the line and walked to the Keckleon, Clefairy, and Chimecho. The Snowrunt looked back at the coaster, then at Ai. Ai was ready for a battle. Before they knew it, the five pokemon were staring each other down.

Finally, the Clefable said (in poke-language), “This is NOT dainty, Koi. And where’s the Wacky Backy?”

Ai looked at the Keckleon, “Koi?”
“Ai? It’s you! This is as awesome as Haruhi! You probably heard about the empire I’m creating here. I can’t wait to show you the asylum. You can help us take over the word!”

“Gangan!” shouted the Chimecho as she launched a Hyper Beam into the air and slammed into the ground. Koi watched his sister and waited for her to react.

Meanwhile, you get off the roller coaster, put your wind-blown hair back into a ponytail, and run to the action to see the five pokemon talking and a Chimecho slam into the ground.
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