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Re: Free For All Zone

Originally Posted by quilava plush
thed3: The beach is relatively peaceful as Wingulls soar overhead, occasionally landing on the shore to rest and feed, and a Krabby lazily crosses the bright sands, walking sideways only to be whisked away by the tide into its home in the glittering blue ocean. In the distance you see a Sharpedo poke its head above water, but it shows no interest in you and Drillbit and simply submerges once more after it's finished with its observation. As you plunge into the ocean, Drillbit reluctantly follows you in, first shivering upon first touching the water but slowly adjusting to the conditions as he wades. The tide, of course, isn't very strong, but the push and pull catches the Dunsparce off guard as the force pulls him in, sending him struggling to make his way back to the shallows. Thankfully, he's successful at this feat and he seems to have understood the ways of the tide.

The two of you continue to go about your business as a sapphire blue form washes up on the shore several yards away from you. As it's at a distance, you can barely make out its form, and soon enough a Poochyena trots from the direction of a collective of large rocks and looks down at the blob of blue, soon snapping up something within its jaws that glistens in the sunlight. Do you continue to give Drillbit some swimming lessons, do you investigate what was washed ashore and the Poochyena, or will you do something else?
Drillbit was becoming a natural at swimming. He used his drill quite often to keep himself from drifting away, but he also slithered in the water as if he was on land. The Dunsparce seemed to be enjoying swimming, which put a smile on Thed's face since he loved to see his Pokemon happy.

In the middle of the swimming lesson Thed could feel some sort of presence in the water. He looked to the side and saw some sort of blue thing in the water approaching the shore several yards away. But, just as it made it to shore a little Poochyena snapped it right up. Thed was unsure as to what the thing in the Poochyena's mouth was and became a bit curious.

"Hey, Drillbit, since you're becoming more accustomed to swimming let's go swim closer towards that Poochyena. I just want to see what it was able to catch."
"Dun." Drillbit responded as he dove underneath the water and came jumping out like a dolphin, his drill spinning rapidly like a motor.
Both Thed and Drillbit began to swim closer towards the Poochyena hoping to not disturb it, but just see what it had.

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