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Re: Free For All Zone

Originally Posted by Dragon 11
Jerichi: Finally getting off the ferry, you walk onto the pokemon league and island of Pasbel City. You see an large building in front of you with a sign that reads "Squad Submission." Considering it was the only way into the city, you enter the building. You see two lines with signs above the enterance. One reads Sigless, one read With Sig. You see that the Sigless line is shorter and you're only here for vacation. After a few minutes you get to a machine with a pokeball slot in the front. When you enter each pokeball the screen reads "Approved!" Finally entering the New England style town, you see an ad for "Battle Park," an amusement park in the middle of the island. You decide to head there and set off through the town passing several battles.

After about 15 minutes, you reach the park. Battle Park was quite big, with several roller coasters and other rides. After a few more minutes of waiting for a ticket, you entered the park. You scouted out the park and find a medium sized brown roller coaster and decide to go on.

After about 10 minutes of waiting in line, you're about to get on when you see a Keckleon, a Chimecho, and a Clefable causing trouble in a dining area. It looks like everyone is just ignoring them, even if they're right in front of them. Now it's you're turn to get on the roller coaster coaster, what do you do?
Just two tips. One, use spellcheck, and two, use a little more description.

After getting off of the ferry, Tetsu noticed a building in front of him with a sign saying "Squad Submissions" above the entrance. Curious, he decided to check it out. Inside the building, two lines had been formed, one labeled "Sigless" and the other read "With Sig." Not knowing the difference, Tetsu decided to pick the Sigless line, since it was much shorter than the With Sig line. After a short wait, Tetsu came up to a machine with a depression in the front and a large screen. Assuming it was for a Pokeball, he placed Snowy's Christmas-colored Pokeball into the slot. The sign flashed with "Approved!" and Tetsu removed his Pokeball once again. Deciding it would probably be best to get all his Pokemon approved, he put each of his team members on the contraption, and received approval for each from the machine.

Exiting the Squad Submissions, Tetsu found himself in a sea-side town with low houses and a simple yet colorful architecture. Looking around for a good way to start off his vacation, Tetsu scanned the town bulletin board for something to do. After looking through a variety of Pokemon related advertisements, he cam upon a paper advertising a theme park named "Battle Park." Hmm, I haven't been to an amusement park in a long time, Tetsu thought, recalling his last trip to Fizzytopia's Fairground. Taking the sheet down, he read the directions, and started walking towards the park.

After a while, he found himself a the park, and joined the queue at the entrance for tickets. Buying his tickets, he went in and scoped the park for a while, finally coming upon a simple roller coaster, which he decided would be a good way to start the day. After all, he enjoyed the thrill of it, and he didn't get to go on them very often. Even if the line was long, he decided it wouldn't improve, and that it was worth the wait. Ten minutes passed, and he found himself at the entrance to the roller coaster. Before he got in though, he noticed a group of Pokemon, a Kecleon, a Chimecho and a Clefable, all making trouble at a nearby dining area. Somewhat curious, but not willing to give up his place in line, he withdrew two Pokeballs, one red and green and covered in white, snow-like specks, the other green with a yellow chain-link pattern. Tossing them out, two Pokemon appeared from the white light that ensued.

"Sno!" Snowy chirped, jumping a little at the sight of his trainer. "Kec..." Ai said, rubbing her eyes, obviously having just woken up. "Hey, guys, can you go check out what those Pokemon are doing over there?" Tetsu asked, gesturing to the trouble-making group over at the dining area. "I'll be over in a bit." The two Pokemon nodded, and started over while Tetsu got on the roller coaster.

Yeah, it sorta sucks.

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