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Re: Free For All Zone

Originally Posted by quilava plush

Jonouchi: I'll admit it; I LOLed.
You and Kage take a walk through the Generic Forest, watching as Pidgeys and Starlys flutter through the canopy above you and Rattatas and Zigzagoons scamper along the side of the trail. It's clear that winter is coming soon as the leaves of the deciduous trees have been turning to vibrant shades of gold, red, and orange and are gently falling, not to forget the abundance of falling acorns that feel like tiny bombs pelting you from the sky at any moment. One of them even bonks Kage on the head (as much as an acorn can bonk a ghost), and a nearby Pachirisu is sent into hysterical laughter at the sight. The already-fallen nuts and leaves crunch beneath your feet as you walk down the trail and nothing out of the ordinary seems to be happening, but you might not yet want to count your lucky stars that you may have gone on the fork leading to good things. As you continue along, a Spnarak quietly and slowly descends and lands on your head, a rather innocent and curious look in its eyes as it crawls forward to look into your eyes upside-down and lets out a little "Spiin!"
Ricco continues to walk down the lonely path with a smile on his face. It was, at first, distrupted by acorns and leaves and a laughing sugar-high squirrel, but he continues on with a smile on his face.

"I hope it can't get any worse." Kage asked.

"Nope, I'm enjoying this adventure and nothing is going to st-" Ricco said before a Spinarak falls on his head. He crawls over and looks at him with a smile and a nice "Spiin!"

"Okay..." he said, not seeming to care. "There's a Spinarak on my head...."

It took a while for Ricco to realize that Spiders on your head=Bad Bad BAD!

"SPIDERRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRR!" he screamed so loud that the whole forest could hear him. "GET IT OFF! GET IT OFF!!!"

Ricco tries to swat the thing away, but doesn't seem to have that sort of grasp to do it and falls down instead. Kage just floats there and laughs at his stupidity.


"How should I do it, sir?" Kage said with sarcasm involved.

"I don't care! Knock off, Screech, do anything!"

Kage just sighs at the fact that he would hit him as well no matter what she did. She thought real hard, before Ricco rushes her, giving her less time to think. She then goes with whatever he told her to the Spinarak...
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