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PASBL RECORD: 15-4-2 109 TP 47 KO 5 SP. B- ref. Level 3. 28 slots.

Proud owner of the Pangaea Badge The Skull and Cross Badge.

Pangaea Badge The Skull and Cross Badge
Attachable Badge
The Skull and Cross Badge
Attachable Badge
A small badge in the shape of a Marowak Skull and two Bones, the Skull and Cross badge is the token given to victorious trainers at Lonely Cubone’s Terra Firma Gym, and is sometimes known as the symbol of the Jolly Wakker.
Badge Effect: Earth’s Renewal
The Pokémon which holds this badge seems to restore itself from the very earth it stands upon. At the end of any round in which the Pokémon is touching the ground (including concrete/clay if the arena is so based) it will restore a small amount of health, on a par with the effects of Aqua Ring, up to 1/3 of its total health over 10 rounds of ending the round grounded. 1/3 is the maximum that can be healed by this badge, even if the holder survives long enough for it to be more.

[Battle Slots]
Slot 1 - vs. Jerichi (UPN)
Slot 2 - vs. Dream Breaker (UPN)
Slot 3 -
Slot 4 -

Gym Slot - vs. Concept (SPPf)

vs. Weebos win 2-1
vs. Joshua tie 4-4
vs. Treepandaone win 3-2
vs. Weebos tie 6-6
vs. DaisyInari win 3-2
vs. KratosAurion win 2-1
vs. LonelyCubone (Gym) win 4-1 (switching and type-advantage)
vs. Sneasel12 DQ win 2-1
vs. Tyranidos win 3-1
vs. DragonDance (DQ win) 1-0

NCT Final (unfinished )
Certified Trainer in LonelyCubone's Terra Firma Gym
Pokebowl 2011 3rd Place

Spoiler: show

Wallace: Male Gallade Level 4
Bio: My second Psychic-Type. I caught Wallace in a Haunted Mansion populated with other Ghost-Typed Pokemon.
Signature Training: I ain't 'fraid of no Ghosts
Having been around Ghosts for much of his life, he has gained somewhat of a resistance to Ghost-Typed attacks. As such, Wallace takes 25% less damage from Ghost-Typed attacks (like from 200% to 150%).

Roxanne: Female Steelix Level 3
Special Resistances: Resistance To Ground
Roxanne has lived in the ground all her life, and she always laughed at her other Onix brothers and sisters for being weak to ground attacks. She is attuned to her ground element, and takes only 100% damage from ground attacks.

Char: Male Charmeleon level 3
Bio: I got Char from my parents with Pika at the exact same time. I got two pokemon at the same time so that I could immediately participate in double battles. I knew the nickname for him previously because I told my parents what pokemon I wanted.
Signature Move: Burning Slash
At a young age Char accidently got too curious and put his tail flame onto his claw, for a long enough time that his claws started to be imbued with flames. He thought this was pretty cool. Eventually he learned how to imbue his claws with his inner flames naturally, and created Burning Slash. Burning Slash is like a Slash Attack but does slightly more damage and has a 30% chance to burn the slashed area, dealing significant damage, and having a very high probability of hitting a weak spot.

Pika: Male Raichu level 3
Bio: I got Pika from my parents with Char at the exact same time. I got two pokemon at the same time so that I could immediately participate in double battles. I knew the nickname for him previously because I told my parents what pokemon I wanted. Pika and Char are my favorite Pokemon.
Signature Move: Electric Tail
This attack was created when Pika was trapped in an area of Spearows. They had pecked him so much that he was laying down face-first and couldn't move at all. The only part of him that was going toward the direction of the Spearows of his tail. So Pika used his backup electric energy and transferred it to his tail. He let it go out of his tail and paralyzed and shocked all the Spearow. Basically a Thunderwave and Thunderbolt combined in 1 attack (effect/powerwise). Electric Tail can be used as a range attack just like Thunderwave/Thunderbolt, but when used to hit the opponent directly (usually in an Iron Tail stance), it will cause significantly worse paralysis and do slightly more damage than if it was used as a ranged attack. Severe energy is used to perform this attack.

Dragi: Dragonair Female level 3
Bio: I luckily caught Dragi while fishing in a one in a lifetime chance in the Safari Zone. It willfully went into a safari ball without me even challenging me. It looked as if it didn’t want to live in the lake for it’s entire life.
Special Training: Earthquake
Dragi can use Earthquake after being constantly angry at her total of 0 Ground moves. She once had a dream that she was a Dragonite, which can incidentally use Earthquake. Dragi had a revelation, and learned Earthquake through her dream. Dragi has 1 HB total of Ground energy ready to create some damage. Earthquake may only be used twice per match.

Pidge: Male Pidgeotto level 3
Bio: Pidge failed the test to become a Pidgey Express carrier as a Pidgey. One day he appeared in my window and I taught him how to battle and eventually caught him.
Special Training: Electric Resistance
Tired of electric attacks and paralysis crippling him in many battles, Pidge trained with my Pikachu, Pika in getting some resistance to electricity. Pidge now takes 25% less damage overall from electric attacks (like from 200% to 150%).

Monkey: Mankey Male level 3
Bio: I caught Monkey after I saw him struggling with his tail trying to use moves. I caught him and eventually saw how much he wanted to learn how to use his tail. So I sent him to learn under the “tail masters”
Special Training: Tail Power
Monkey agreed to be with me if I taught him how to use his tail as well as other pokemon. Therefore I sent him to learn under the “master of the tail.” He learned all the tail moves he didn’t know previously, though it costs slightly more energy to use. His Toxic also comes from his tail.

Rachel: Gardevoir Female Level 3
Bio: I caught Rachel as a Ralts when I saw her bullying other pokemon. I challenged her and won, and eventually turned her to a more “good” side, although she isn’t shy like other Ralts.
Signature Move: Super Nightmare
From her bullying days Rachel learned how to get into the minds of her victims and wreak havoc on their psyche. Rachel even managed to use her Psychic mind destroying powers to make Ghosts who knew the move Nightmare cower in fear. She still remembers how to use the attack even after I turned her into a more “good” side. Unlike a normal Nightmare, Super Nightmare uses Psychic energy instead of Ghost Energy to enter into the minds of other Pokemon. When used on a sleeping opponent it will cause the Pokemon to have an extremely frightening nightmare, which forces them to lose the same amount of energy as a regular Nightmare would make them lose, and the victim of Super Nightmare will be very scared, disoriented, and confused when they awaken. It damages the mental psyche of the victim heavily. This attack uses 1.5x the normal energy of a Nightmare (except it uses Psychic energy instead of Ghost energy). Super Nightmare makes it so that the opponent will wake up twice as quickly than they would from normal sleep. Must be used while the opponent is sleeping.

Geo: Graveler Male level 3
Bio: I caught Geo after tripping over him and caught him by accident easily.
Special Characteristic: Purely Rock
Geo is a pure Rock Pokemon, not Rock/Ground. After I caught Geo I found that he had a very slow learning rate for Ground moves, and it was found that he had less ground energy than other Geodudes. As such he only has 1 HB of Ground energy, being a pure rock type.

Scyth: Scizor Male Level 3
Bio: I caught Scyth when a forest fire came created by some idiot. Luckily though I camped near the exit and managed to escape, finding a burned Scyther along the way, putting him into a pokeball just to prevent any more burns.
Special Training: Flame Training
Ever since the incident of a forest fire Scyth has been training on an active volcano and after much training only takes 100% damage from fire instead of 200%, although he might take 120% damage from a very strong fire attack.
When he evolves into Scizor he will only take 25% less damage overall from fire attacks (like from 400% to 300%).

Hydro: Wartortle Male Level 3
Bio: I got Hydro when I went to the beach. We played together with my other pokemon, and eventually he followed me back home.
Signature Move: Spinning Bash
Hydro goes into his shell and starts spinning like using a Rapid Spin. He’s also glowing with the energy of a Skull Bash. It also does the same damage as a Skull Bash.

Growler: Male Arcanine Level 3
Bio: I got Growler from an Officer Jenny in my hometown who saw that I was responsible and trained well. Also Growler didn't have the patience to be a police dog, so she gave it to me anyways.
Signature Trait: Grassy
Wanting a counter against pesky Water, Ground and Rock types, Growlithe trained for years with Officer Jenny to gain knowledge of how to use the power of Grass. As a result, Growler has a decent amount over 1 HB of grass energy. He has also learned the move Energy Ball as a result of his training. However, he has lost/never learned the moves Iron Tail, Dragon Rage, Headbutt, Flame Burst, Covet, and Rage.

Digger: Male Dugtrio Level 3
Bio: I caught Digger after seeing his special ability. He tried to overuse it and tired out, so then I caught him.
Sig Move: Flames of Rage
Diglett always thought he was a fire type. Eventually after being tormented by bullies about thinking he was a fire type he nearly gave up trying to use fire moves. One day though the bullies started to attack Digger. After being attacked many times the pain turned to an immense Rage. Before Diglett knew it he was sending red flames toward the bullies. Ever since then Digger has been able to use this move as much as he wants although if he uses it he is not able to use Frustration or Rage for that match. Flames of Rage is basically a slightly weaker version of Flamethrower and uses slightly less energy than Flamethrower. 2 uses per match.

Soul: Male Haunter Level 3
Special Training: Heartless
Soul lost his best friend Heart after being together for decades. The loss changed Soul's life philosophy forever, and he tries to remain unemotional as he doesn't want to experience pain from losing anything that he loves ever again. He is a stoic Pokemon, and it is hard to get him to show any emotion whatsoever. Soul does not have the ability to use Attract, Captivate, Leer, Scary Face, Mean Look (the leer like version), Taunt, Swagger, Rage, Frustration and Return. In exchange, moves that try to create emotion, provoke, or create fear, like Taunt, Swagger, Leer, Attract etc... will similarly fail on Soul.

Cleffy: Male Clefable Level 3
Bio: Cleffy was a very outgoing Clefairy growing up, having been raised with a bunch of Loudred and Explouds growing up. As a Clefable he remains an extrovert, with a tendency to speak louder than other members of his species. His sound based attacks still do the same damage though, as he is not actually a Loudred/Exploud! One day Cleffy discovered his Hidden Power was actually...a hidden power. Unlike other Normal-Types in his life, Cleffy's Hidden Power was a different color, dirt-like.
Special Training: I can use Ground?
Cleffy's Hidden Power is Ground-Typed. He can only use it twice per match.

Evan: Male Lombre Level 3
Special Training: BUG OFF!
Evan hates bug moves. So much. So very very much. As a result he takes 25% less damage from bug attacks (like from 200% to 150%).

Tyler: Male Eelektrik Level 3
Sig Move: Water Attack!
Tyler has always lived in the sea his entire life, but lacks the ability to use any water moves. One day he trained himself to compress all the water energy within him and managed to use Hydro Pump. Tyler now knows how to use Hydro Pump, but it uses up all of his water energy so he is unable to use Rain Dance or any other water moves for the remainder of the battle.

James: Male Grovyle Level 3
Special Training: Auto Swords Dance
Upon entering battle, James will immediately have a Swords Dance boost, not counting as a move, while using the same energy as Swords Dance. This boost will fade like a normal Swords Dance boost would.

Jess: Female Absol Level 3
Special Training: Feeling Sleepy?
Jess knows Hypnosis after much training with a hypnotist. She decided to learn Hypnosis after realizing she could use Dream Eater but had no means of putting her opponents to sleep to use it in battle.

Chomper: Male Sableye Level 3
Special Training: Baton Pass
Being a sneaky trickster of a ghost, Sableye would often switch himself out with my other Pokemon, through the use of the move Baton Pass. Sableye knows Baton Pass.

Dwight: Male Lanturn Level 3
Bio: Before Yoshi the Bulbasaur left my team for a rescue squad mission in the Amazon Rainforest (he'll be back), he recruited an old friend of his to join my squad. Having trained together for years, Dwight has acquired certain Grass powers, and a signature grass move.
Signature Move: Unoriginal Grass Ball
Dwight makes a ball out of Grass energy and shoots it at his opponent. It does considerable Grass damage, and is basically a slightly stronger Energy Ball. Dwight has the Grass Energy to perform this attack at full strength twice per battle.

Tribute: Male Tauros Level 2
Bio: After I released William to let him mate with other Butterfree, I needed a new member for my squad. This Tauros was trampling all over my lawn, and I decided to catch it. He is named Tribute because he is a living tribute to William the Male Butterfree.
Signature Move: Super Air Beam
Super Air Beam is named by Tribute himself, which explains why it is so fantastically named. Tribute, wanting a better way to counter the fighting types that plague him so, managed to create a move using all his flying energy. He focuses all of his Flying Energy into one beam attack, which does major damage and requires major energy. This move may only be used once per battle.

Bolt: Male Galvantula Level 3
Bio: Bolt is a Pokemon that loves to stick onto things. This is troubling because he loves to fry and zap things too.
Signature Move: Stick and Zap
Bolt bites into and sticks onto his opponent using his Spider abilities. He then releases a very powerful stream of Electric energy into his opponent. Stick and Zap does a severe amount of damage to the opponent, costing severe energy for Bolt to do. It is basically a close range slightly more powerful than Thunder-powered technique. However, being close range, the victim of Stick and Zap has a higher chance of paralysis than Thunder, being at around 40%. Bolt takes a mild amount of recoil damage from this attack (around 1/4 recoil damage). Can be used once per battle.

Kwakaraleet: Male Druddigon Level 1
Bio: Druddigon love the warm weather. As such, Kwakaraleet was raised in grassy green meadows, with plenty of Grass Pokemon friends.
Signature Training: Moves
Kwakaraleet has learned Seed Bomb. He can only use Seed Bomb twice per battle, learning the technique from his Grass Pokemon friends.

Inkblot: Male Octillery Level 3
Bio: Inkblot's favorite saying is, "What would Freud say?"
Signature Move: Draconic Wave
Inkblot has always loved Dragons. Especially the Dratini line that fascinated him so. By constantly hanging around the Dratini and Dragonair in the waters he lived in, he managed to learn Draconic Wave. It is basically a weaker Dragon Pulse, and Draconic Wave does a good amount of Dragon energy damage. Inkblot only has the Dragon energy to use this move twice per match.

Kiddo: Male Nidorino Level 2
Bio: Kiddo is the kid of the team. He's tough and adorable.
Signature Training: U-Turn
Kiddo knows U-Turn after fighting a bunch of Bug Pokemon. He was always annoyed because they always used U-Turn to run away, and decided to study in-depth how the move worked. He eventually learned how to do it. He probably would've been better off learning Pursuit, but Kiddo's mind doesn't work like that.

Meta: Metang Level 2
Bio: Being a machine, Meta has always been fascinated by what he did not understand. In this instance it was nature and organic Pokemon. He spent a year in a forest, abundant with Grass Pokemon, and learned the ways of the Grass Pokemon.
Special Training: Energy Ball
After being immersed in the culture of Grass Pokemon, Meta has learned Energy Ball. Meta has the Grass energy to use this attack twice a match.

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