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Re: Free For All Zone

Jonouchi: I'll admit it; I LOLed.
You and Kage take a walk through the Generic Forest, watching as Pidgeys and Starlys flutter through the canopy above you and Rattatas and Zigzagoons scamper along the side of the trail. It's clear that winter is coming soon as the leaves of the deciduous trees have been turning to vibrant shades of gold, red, and orange and are gently falling, not to forget the abundance of falling acorns that feel like tiny bombs pelting you from the sky at any moment. One of them even bonks Kage on the head (as much as an acorn can bonk a ghost), and a nearby Pachirisu is sent into hysterical laughter at the sight. The already-fallen nuts and leaves crunch beneath your feet as you walk down the trail and nothing out of the ordinary seems to be happening, but you might not yet want to count your lucky stars that you may have gone on the fork leading to good things. As you continue along, a Spnarak quietly and slowly descends and lands on your head, a rather innocent and curious look in its eyes as it crawls forward to look into your eyes upside-down and lets out a little "Spiin!"

thed3: The beach is relatively peaceful as Wingulls soar overhead, occasionally landing on the shore to rest and feed, and a Krabby lazily crosses the bright sands, walking sideways only to be whisked away by the tide into its home in the glittering blue ocean. In the distance you see a Sharpedo poke its head above water, but it shows no interest in you and Drillbit and simply submerges once more after it's finished with its observation. As you plunge into the ocean, Drillbit reluctantly follows you in, first shivering upon first touching the water but slowly adjusting to the conditions as he wades. The tide, of course, isn't very strong, but the push and pull catches the Dunsparce off guard as the force pulls him in, sending him struggling to make his way back to the shallows. Thankfully, he's successful at this feat and he seems to have understood the ways of the tide.

The two of you continue to go about your business as a sapphire blue form washes up on the shore several yards away from you. As it's at a distance, you can barely make out its form, and soon enough a Poochyena trots from the direction of a collective of large rocks and looks down at the blob of blue, soon snapping up something within its jaws that glistens in the sunlight. Do you continue to give Drillbit some swimming lessons, do you investigate what was washed ashore and the Poochyena, or will you do something else?

Originally Posted by Dragon 11
QP: You enter the southern-esque farmtown's shop-lined town square at around two, senses still in shock from the smell of the surounding miltankpastures. The town square itself was quite large, with a playground and plenty of lawn. You even see a man playing fetch with his Growlith. You decide to window shop through the small family-run shops for a while. But finally, hunger becomes unbearable and you ask a very tourist-ish tourist for a resturant recommendation. The tourist smiles and pulls out a book titled, "What To Do In Tauros Gulch." He finally looks up and says, "There's a good barbeque resturant down the street. It's called The Corral." You thank the man and run off towards the resturant with your Linoone still around your neck.

After about a minute you get to the resturant. Looking through the window of the granite building, you notice a Wild West theme and only a few people, you must have come at an off time.. You enter the mid-sized resturant and are greeted by a waitess. She takes you to a window booth immediately. As she puts down your silverware and a menu, she asks, "What would you like to drink?" After you order, she gives you a minute to decide what to order. Then you look out the window to see the rather large art museum across the street with a banner for thier Wild West exibit, and specifically the painter you came to see. But you decide to eat first. So, what you (and order)?
Upon asking the tourist about the restauraunt, Rivka was relieved to have asked the right person as she was directed to a barbeque restaurant known as The Corral. A smile soon came upon her face and she thanked the man and rushed in the direction of the eatery. She was soon greeted with the mouthwatering aroma of hickory smoke and barbeque sauce, and Mara, with her stronger sense of smell, was even more pleased with the sensational scent. Not able to take it any more, the two ran straight into the building. The interior was, as expected, decorated with Western motif and mounted animals were seen everywhere. Much to the trainer's surprise, however, there weren't many people inside; of course, it was probably an off time, so she didn't worry too much. She soon followed the waitress to her table, and immediately eyed the menu. "I'll take... a blackberry tea, and a lemon-lime soda for my Linoone, please." She glanced back to the menu and added, "Are there any good entree specials going on today?"
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