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Re: Free For All Zone

RepostQP: You enter the southern-esque farmtown's shop-lined town square at around two, senses still in shock from the smell of the surounding miltankpastures. The town square itself was quite large, with a playground and plenty of lawn. You even see a man playing fetch with his Growlith. You decide to window shop through the small family-run shops for a while. But finally, hunger becomes unbearable and you ask a very tourist-ish tourist for a resturant recommendation. The tourist smiles and pulls out a book titled, "What To Do In Tauros Gulch." He finally looks up and says, "There's a good barbeque resturant down the street. It's called The Corral." You thank the man and run off towards the resturant with your Linoone still around your neck.

After about a minute you get to the resturant. Looking through the window of the granite building, you notice a Wild West theme and only a few people, you must have come at an off time.. You enter the mid-sized resturant and are greeted by a waitess. She takes you to a window booth immediately. As she puts down your silverware and a menu, she asks, "What would you like to drink?" After you order, she gives you a minute to decide what to order. Then you look out the window to see the rather large art museum across the street with a banner for thier Wild West exibit, and specifically the painter you came to see. But you decide to eat first. So, what you (and order)?

Jerichi: Finally getting off the ferry, you walk onto the pokemon league and island of Pasbel City. You see an large building in front of you with a sign that reads "Squad Submission." Considering it was the only way into the city, you enter the building. You see two lines with signs above the enterance. One reads Sigless, one read With Sig. You see that the Sigless line is shorter and you're only here for vacation. After a few minutes you get to a machine with a pokeball slot in the front. When you enter each pokeball the screen reads "Approved!" Finally entering the New England style town, you see an ad for "Battle Park," an amusement park in the middle of the island. You decide to head there and set off through the town passing several battles.

After about 15 minutes, you reach the park. Battle Park was quite big, with several roller coasters and other rides. After a few more minutes of waiting for a ticket, you entered the park. You scouted out the park and find a medium sized brown roller coaster and decide to go on.

After about 10 minutes of waiting in line, you're about to get on when you see a Keckleon, a Chimecho, and a Clefable causing trouble in a dining area. It looks like everyone is just ignoring them, even if they're right in front of them. Now it's you're turn to get on the roller coaster coaster, what do you do?
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