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Re: Free For All Zone

Tetsu needed a vacation. Badly. A few months of training and adventuring had left him tired, and, not seeing any reason to not go away, he found a ferry that'd take him to a nearby seaside city. He had heard a little about the city before from Aero; apparently it was on a large island which had all variety of areas and facilites. Rumor had it that a large Pokemon leauge existed on the island and the various places were used for Pokemon battles. He had never been around this area before, and, while it was quite a journey, he knew that it would pay off.

So, after a few days on the ferry, Tetsu arrived on the island, energetic, yet still a tad seasick, ready to explore the new area and maybe relax a tad. As he came off the dock, he read a sign hung over the exit, which said "Welcome to Pasbel City". "Pasbel City. Interesting name." Tetsu commented, taking a moment to look around. "Well, where to start?" He asked himself before heading off into the city.

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