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Re: Free For All Zone

Standing atop the sand Thed looked out at the crystal blue ocean. He wondered who he should bring out for a couple seconds. Thed cracked a smile and brought out his pokedex and typed out a couple of indecipherable characters. Suddenly a white light streaked out of the pokedex and a small pokemon formed on the sand. A small Dunsparce yawned and looked up at Thed.

"Ah, it's finally time Drillbit to get some me and you time."
The Dunsparce then realized what Thed had said and became ecstatic chirping, "Sparce! Dun, Dun!"
"Hehe, yep. Look at the ocean, it's beautiful huh Drillbit?"
"Dun..." the land snake said as it joined Thed in looking out towards the horizon.
"I always go to the beach Drillbit, it's like our home away from home.

Thed began to walk towards the water as Drillbit slithered after him. Thed placed his backpack down on the sand and took his shirt off.

"You're going to be with me for a long time Drillbit and as a part of my crew you should learn how to swim."
"Dun?" the Dunsparce gave Thed a quizzical look.
"So let's go!"

Thed ran towards the water as Drillbit gave an audible puff of nervousness and decided to go along with his trainer.

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