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Re: Free For All Zone

QP: You enter the southern-esque farmtown's shop-lined town square at around two, senses still in shock from the smell of the surounding miltankpastures. The town square itself was quite large, with a playground and plenty of lawn. You even see a man playing fetch with his Growlith. You decide to window shop through the small family-run shops for a while. But finally, hunger becomes unbearable and you ask a very tourist-ish tourist for a resturant recommendation. The tourist smiles and pulls out a book titled, "What To Do In Tauros Gulch." He finally looks up and says, "There's a good barbeque resturant down the street. It's called The Corral." You thank the man and run off towards the resturant with your Linoone still around your neck.

After about a minute you get to the resturant. Looking through the window of the granite building, you notice a Wild West theme and only a few people, you must have come at an off time.. You enter the mid-sized resturant and are greeted by a waitess. She takes you to a window booth immediately. As she puts down your silverware and a menu, she asks, "What would you like to drink?" After you order, she gives you a minute to decide what to order. Then you look out the window to see the rather large art museum across the street with a banner for thier Wild West exibit, and specifically the painter you came to see. But you decide to eat first. So, what you (and order)?

EDIT: Sorry if it isn't up to par, qp. I'm new to this.
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