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Yay for Claim Insignias!

Ricco walks through the path of Some Forestâ„¢ , where Ricco and his lonely Shuppet walk through the forest looking for some adventures. On the way they argue about how Kage is finally being used, but only for some thing that is only for laughs and giggles and crap like that.

"Be thankful that you're actually outside your Pokeball for once." Ricco said.

"Hmph." she grunted. "What's the point if I won't get anything from it? When we go to Cascadia, you're chucking Gant in the PC and taking me out! Deal?"

"Deal." Ricco sighed. "So where to?"

Ricco and Kage both look around looking for an advenutre that would give them a good start on their adventure in the Free-For-All Zone. They keep walking till they see a randomly placed Fork in the Road®. They both decide to go left, hoping that it wouldn't be bad.

"This better be worth it." Kage said.

"I'm not our updator." Ricco said, blatantly breaking the Fourth Wall© "I can't decide our fate. We'll just have to wait it out."

They go down the path, hoping for an adventure to bring the two some joy. Otherwise Ricco will be in the hospital bed once more.
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