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Re: Free For All Zone

I'll take up to two updatees here. If anyone's interested, please post your intro and I'll pick up from there. My color is SteelBlue.
Also, if anyone wants to update me, here's an intro~

Rivka walked through the town square, idly window shopping as the feeling of hunger creeped into her mind.

She had really only come here to see the historical aspects and recently departed from an art museum showcasing a famous Old West painter. The stench of cattle wrecked havoc upon her senses, although she was somewhat used to it having frequently visited the farmlands near Olivine City. This was a cowtown that never strayed from its roots complete with southern decor and pink granite buildings, all while outside of the town were hundreds of acres of green pastures where herds of Tauros, Miltank, Ponyta, and Rapidash- along with the wild Stantler and other native critters- flourished for miles around.

Looking to the Linoone curled around her shoulders like a mink pelt, the recognized a somewhat famished look in the badger's blue eyes, and then it was silently agreed upon that the two would go for some lunch. As the two walked down a few blocks, the Linoone, Mara, sniffed the air in hopes of picking up a trace of a restaurant or anything for that matter. A Rapidash-drawn carriage strolled down the brick-paved street, the other tourists staring at it in awe, which temporarily hindered Mara's senses, but soon she was back to smelling the air. As her stomach began to growl, Rivka looked to a nearby tourist and asked, "'Scuse me, but do you know of a good place to eat around here?"
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