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TL2 26-4-0 KO 74
TP 208 B Ref SP 0

vs Chris Manning – win 3-2
vs Breeder KJ – win 1-0
vs TBH1313 – win 2-1
vs S_M – loss 2-3
vs SP.Eevee – loss 1-2
vs Atluss - Win 2-1
vs Akihide - Win 2-1
vs Rangeet - loss 0-1 (typespam)
vs Milotic111 - Win 2-1
vs ZChrisL - DQ Win 4-2
vs Salamencia - Win 6-5
vs AkonFan2000 - Win 1-0
vs Quintowill - Win 2-1
vs TBH1313 - DQ Win 3-1
vs Biggggg5 - Win 3-0
vs Oliver101 - Win 2-1
vs DaisyInari - Win 2-1
vs Milo - DQ Win 3-1
vs Speevy - Loss 1-2
vs Kusari (Gym) - Win 4-3
vs Roglef - Win 2-0
vs Weebos - DQ Win 2-2
vs Kairne (Gym) - Win 4-3
vs Firewater - Win 2-0
vs Rangeet - Win 2-1
vs Insidious Dreamer - Win 6-5
vs Zerozoner - Win 2-1
vs Ethereal (Gym) - Win 4-3
vs Lonely Cubone - Win 4-3
vs Shadowshocker - Win 4-3

Hentacool: Tentacruel (M) Lv.4
Spoiler: show
Any jellyfish with less than six limbs isn’t really that backstory-worthy, and Tentacruel is no exception. DrtyTntcls wound up beached one day, too weak to flounder back into the ocean in its infancy. It was the hottest day of the year, and after a few kids repeatedly poked him with a stick, the beached jellyfish was left for dead as it hastily dehydrated. Hentacool didn’t do much to resist as his whole body continued to parch – jellyfish are quite helpless and uninteresting on land. Napoleon drew pity on the boneless sack.
Special Technique: Leaky Tank (Water)
Being left out in the sun too long destroyed the majority of Hentacool gelatinous umbrella mass. Tentacruel finds it much harder to stay hydrated on dry-land, losing a small fraction of its health at the end of each round. As it loses more health its skin becomes emaciated which makes it easier for him to expel water. Under half health, its water-type attacks do 1.25x damage. Under a quarter health, its water-type attacks do 1.5x damage at the cost of 1.25x energy. These boosts are nullified if Tentacruel becomes hydrated through a weather condition or an attack.

Cloysteris: Cloyster (F) Lv.4
Spoiler: show
Cloysteris is a very horny bivalve, by that I mean she has those two huge, sharp turrets. Like most female Cloyster she absolutely adores Palkia. She keeps pictures of the spacial dragon hung up inside her shell. Whilst they’re no replacement for Palkia, Cloyster gets excited whenever she’s around Kakuna, Sudowoodo, Combusken, Medicham and Wobbuffet. She became a sort of groupie of Napoleon due to the copious amount of tentacle themed Pokémon.
Special Training: Magic Conch (Water)
The likelyhood of one of Cloysteris’s moves having an added effect is boosted by 1.5x. For example, Ice Beam has a 15% chance of freezing rather than 10%. Moves affected by this the magic conch burn up 10% more energy than normal. All hail the Magic Conch! WOLULULULULULULU

Gatorade: Feraligatr (M) Lv.4
Spoiler: show
Gatorade is always hyperactive and pumped with energy. He was born and raised in the swampy badlands of South America. He always felt a bit out of place as he grew up, his crocodilian bros would laze about in water whilst he was out exploring. His spark for adventure eventually became a thorn in his side as he came across an industrial capital where he was quickly netted by pest control. Gatorade was almost made into a designer handbag, if not for a travelling passerby who rescued him.
Signature Training: Swampy ‘Gator (Ground)
Living in the bayou has given Gatorade a neutrality to Electric Type Moves. However he doesn’t like steampunk and no longer resists Steel and Fire Type moves.

Ecco: Lanturn (F) Lv.4
Spoiler: show
Ecco was raised outside of her natural deep sea habitat, in the warm waters of the South Pacific. Ecco loves helping people. She used to fare people and Pokémon lost at sea back to the shore. She once rescued a old sea captain whose ship had been taken by pirates. The captain and his crewmen were tied up and gagged on a small raft, left for dead hundreds of miles from shore. Ecco was quick to the rescue, somehow managing to untie the crew and ferrying the boat. When night fell she used her luminescence to light the path ahead. The sailors were incredibly famished as days went by. Hope seemed lost again, but Ecco was determined. The angler fish untied herself from the raft, the old sea captain supposed she’d given up. However the fish popped up from the surface with a mouthful of Kelp. The seadogs managed to live off the stuff for the next couple of days, and it wasn’t long before Ecco had tugged the raft all the way to shore. The crew were incredibly grateful, keeping the angler fish and naming her after their lost ship, the SS. Ecco. The angler fish travelled alongside the the sea captain's next ship until she was eventually inherited by an enthusiastic battler.
Signature Move: Tangle Kelp
Using good energy, Ecco pumps grass energy into the ground in order to make kelp shoot up around the opponent dealing good damage. The kelp soaks up the slime perspired by Water/Ground type Pokémon cancelling out their ground type in retrospect to electric moves (like if a normal ground type was made wet) for four rounds. Tangle kelp can be used on any surface (sand, concrete, metal etc) but has to be used in a body of water. Tangle Kelp can only be used once per battle.

Mermaid Man: Quagsire (M) Lv.3
Spoiler: show
Mermaid Man is a semi-retired superhero from the sixties, and well known star of the show “The Adventures of Mermaid Man and Barnacle Boy”. He lives in Shady Shoals retirement home with his sidekick Barnacle Boy (Cradily). The Quagsire is pretty past his heyday, but he’s still got some fight left in him. He’s quite forgetful too, moreso than your average Quagsire. This can get him in trouble some times but he has a strong sense of justice and he’s always willing to help a senior in distress. Whenever there’s EVIL afoot, you know who to call.

Remoray: Octillery (M) Lv.4
Spoiler: show
Ray was weapon of choice to an eccentric band of pirates, and coveted for being an excellent marksman. It is said that he would capture ships by shooting the captain from across the water no matter the distance or conditions. The more impossible the shot was, the faster the crew would surrender.
Signature Training: Boom! Headshot! (Normal)
When Ray's opponent has either critical health or energy remaining, he'll try extra hard to take them down. All his ranged attacks have an extra 50% chance of landing a critical hit whilst burning up 25% more energy than normal. Ray won't be able to do this if he's in critical ranges himself.

Man Ray: Mantine (M) Lv.3
Spoiler: show
Man Ray has never been a free Mantine. He was born in captivity, and grew up with most of his brothers and sisters in the Sea World manta aquarium. The rest of his school in the exhibit didn’t quite mind the small space or being stroked inappropriately by little kids, but Man Ray loathed it. He always wanted swim in the high seas, and after seeing a few stage shows of “Clyde and Seamore take Pirate Island” fancied the life of a Pirate’s Pokémon. His brothers and sisters insisted they had a good gig at Sea World, and that he should let his dream go. Man Ray was stubborn and determined though. He evolved before anyone else in his school and used his limited flight ability to escape the aquarium. It wasn’t long before I found him washed up next to a churo stand. I offered to teach him the ways of the pirate as long as he battled by my side.
Signature Training: Avast! the wind be fillin' our sails! (Flying)
Through braving stormy seas Man Ray has built up a resistance to his crippling electric weakness. He now only takes 0.75x the damage he’d normally take from electric typed moves.

Nacho: Ludicolo (F) Lv.4
Spoiler: show
Born in the slums of a Mexican shanty town, Nacho was taken in by a family of squatters who wanted to fatten her into a tasty meal. Nacho was unaware of the family’s intentions, always playing with the street children and spontaneously breaking into dance like only Lotad know how. The day came for Nacho to evolve into a somewhat delicious Ludicolo – at which point the family had forgotten all about their roast duck and kept her as a household pet. However with Nacho’s added girth came another mouth to feed and there was no way they could afford to keep Nacho. The happy-go-lucky Ludicolo was very upset to leave her family behind, but promised she would travel to the city and send some money back to the squatters. The next year of Nacho’s life would be spent in the busy streets of Morocco where she became a struggling street performer. Every time Nacho danced a horrible rain cloud would fill the sky and people would run inside. I eventually stumbled upon Nacho and recognised her awesome dancing talents. The two of us joined forces to master her dancing skills.
Special Training: Pineapple Dance Studios (Normal)
Nacho has travelled across the world and learnt several dances along the way. As a result of her intense training she mastered the art of Fiery Dance, Petal Dance, Quiver Dance and Dragon Dance. Nacho likes to keep the crowd wanting more, and will only perform a combination of two dance moves per battle (including Rain and Teeter Dance). She’s too graceful to use the moves Body Slam, Blizzard, Brick Break, Double Edge, Facade, Frustration and Fury Swipes.

Rocklobster: Crawdaunt (M) Lv.4
Spoiler: show
Signature Training: Slashy Slashy
Rocklobster used to have bands tied around his pincers which increased his cutting proficiency. He can now use Air Slash with the energy to use it 3 times per battle.

Führer: Empoleon (M) Lv.4
Spoiler: show
Special Training

King Julius: Jellicent (M) Lv.4
Spoiler: show
“Once you pop you just can’t stop!” Julius is most well known for his iconic moustache and his dangerous past-addiction to Pringles. He was born in the sunken city of Chipotia, heir to the Pringles throne and a lifetime supply of Pringles. However whilst he was a powerful jellyfish, he was unable to separate the goodness that is Pringle from the wetness that is water. He wasn’t a fan of soggy snacks so set on a Horsea-pulled chariot on a quest to find the best can of Pringles ever invented. Julius’s quest took him to the surface world, where he was exposed to his first Pringle. Of course, one chip isn’t enough, and before he knew it he’d eaten the whole share-size tin! This sent him on a downward spiral to the poorhouse. Stripped of his throne and friendless, he took rehab in the form of a young trainer. One can be sure he never truly recovered from his ordeal.
Special Move: Pringles Can-non (Various)
Julius fires a stack of hyperbolic paraboloids (equal to the amount in a standard can of Pringles) made out of energy - which splash against the foe like a Swift attack would – dealing significant damage if most or all hit. The attack can be ordered in 3 different flavours:

Sour Cream and Onion - like a chivey bagel at a New York deli, this attack has a cool taste and deals grass-type damage. Each Pringle is laced with powdered onion, which stands a good chance at irritating the foe’s eyes for a short period, causing them to water.

Texas Barbeque - Like a sweet sizzling steak at a county fair, this attack has a fiery taste and deals fire-type damage. Each pringle is marinated with sticky barbeque sauce, and has a good chance of reducing the foes speed for a short period ala Icy Wind.

Salt and Vinegar - Like fish and chips on a British seaside, the attack has a sour taste and deals water-type damage. Each pringle is enriched with sea salts which have a sure chance of knocking a foe out of paralysis like a smelling salt.

This move takes significant energy, and Julius can only use it once per round.


Mojumbo: Tangrowth (M) Lv.4
Spoiler: show
Mojumbo is a caveman in that he is male and lives in caves. He communicates with low groans and isn’t all that smart. He refuses to shave his tangled vines and he smells like rotten compost. Like all cavemen he has an obsession with breasts and isn’t shy about showing it. Besides his prehistoric quirks, Mojumbo has an affinity for self-made hallucinogens. He has difficulty distinguishing reality and fantasy, and is known to trip into paranoid frenzies when intoxicated with certain drugs. He doesn’t care for battles but enjoys smashing other Pokémon.
[b]Special Training: Boulder Dash (Rock)[b]
Mojumbo is familiar with Rock typed energy, in the same way that Golduck is with Psychic moves. He can use the moves Smack Down and Stone Edge, but existing before a time of greed and suffering he doesn't know any Dark-Type moves. He also cannot use Giga Impact, Double-Edge or Leaf Storm.

Koosy: Lickitung (M) Lv.4
Spoiler: show
The Koosalagoopagoop is a shiny Lickitung with a funny trilby and round specs. I imagined Koosy up when I was five years old and we played together in a sandbox. Koosy came home with me and from then on we where inseparable. However as I got older I started making new friends and had to leave Koosy at home. One day when I came home from school he’d packed his things in a blanket on a stick. He said I’d grown up and his job was done, so he’d go find another kid to look after. Koos gave me a warm hug before magically vanishing. It was hard letting him go, but as I came into my teens I’d forgot about the Koosalagoopagoop completely. One day I saw a new kid playing with his imaginary friend in the same sandbox, and memories of Koosy flooded back. Travelling around the Pokénation became really hard from then on. I missed home and just wanted to relive my childhood. That was when I heard a strange rustling in the bushes. It was Koosy! He’d come back to join me on my fabulous journey! Koosy is a hugger, and he loves giving people warm hugs. He also loves cooking his world famous Pepi Wraps. He gets a very large tortilla, a frying pan and a tub of meat. Koos then cooks the meat for just a bit, wraps it in the tortilla and voila: a Pepi Wrap!
Signature Ability: The Koos is Loose (Normal)
Because Koosy is an imaginary friend thinks he's an imaginary friend, he's learnt how to go invisible with the same conditions as a ghost type. He can only do this for the duration of one round.

Goop: Ditto (-) Lv.4
Spoiler: show
Goop is a species of Ditto native to deep space, one of a hundred Ditto sent out to explore the galaxy and compelled to return later in order to share their experiences. He’s a bit strange and very naive to Earthly customs - he doesn’t quite know how to act when he transforms into foreign Pokémon. His lack of common sense is paid off with his aptitude for science and resourcefulness. Goop is green and transparent, and has a miniature UFO (a permanent transformation, rather than an item/accessory) on his head.
Signature Move: DNA Putty (Normal)
A small chunk of Goop breaks away from his body to quickly scour the arena for any traces of DNA (blood, footprints, fingerprints, hair follicles, feathers etc) from a Pokémon active during the previous 10 rounds. When the DNA is acquired Ditto is able to transform into the Pokémon, which counts as an extra move ala Mimic. The move uses up solid energy and can only be used once per battle. The copy is incomplete and will only have 3/4 the type energy a Ditto would normally have of a transformed Pokémon - for reference 1.5 Hyper Beams of 'STAB' type energy and a Major (Significant if he transforms into a normal type) amount for everything else.

Doomsparce: Dunsparce (M) Lv.4
Spoiler: show

Spoiler: show
Rain patted down against the wet cobbles of a medieval Blackthorn, running down the slate roofs of the dozen or so cottages and joining the stream of floodwater through the town. A mighty flare of lightning flashed across the midnight hamlet, the drum of thunder lagging just a few seconds behind. The storm was drawing closer... The villagers had burnt out their oil lamps for the night, struck with fear and desperately waiting for the storm to pass. It was the height of fall, a phase in which the dragons of Johto entered what villagers could only explain as a hunting ritual. It was a rite of passage for adolescent dragons, their reclusive and shrewd nature cast aside for primal instincts. The town had been plagued by the hunt year in year out, so once again they bolted their doors until the storm passed.

As an extra precaution some of Blackforn’s most seasoned Sheppard herded a flock of cattle Pokémon on the moors between the settlement and the dragon’s den. Hundreds of Taurus grumpily tussled around in the heavy rainfall, the soggy Mareep baaing for some cover unaware they where being used as a live bait. Just a mile north the mountains rumbled with the sound of the beasts. Dragonite and Salamence took to the skies, leading the hunting party narrowly spinning past the tall mountains with a few Dragonair in tow. Below the freshly evolved Gyarados echoed rage-infused roars, pushing past the sluggish Shelgon in bloodlust frenzy. Meanwhile! A mother Dunsparce was eyeing up the herd of cattle from her mountainside nest. With no Mightyena in sight to protect the game, she licked her lips with a forked tongue and headed down the cliffs for a stray Flaffy. This couldn’t end well...

The dragons ripped through the cliffs, a Dragonite leading the charge and swooping down for the first kill. He was spoilt for choice, but in the end grabbed a strong Taurus by the horns. The bull stomped and flailed in a last ditch attempt to wrestle free, but the mighty dragon quickly shut it down with a blast of purple flames. The majestic dragon sunk its teeth into the bull’s neck, flitting back to the Dragon’s Den with his prize trophy. The less eager pack now joined in the fight for game, the cattle scattering in all directions as the reptiles picked them one by one overhead. The mother Dunsparce’s eye’s widened in panic, a stampede of Taurus headed her way. She tried burrowing for cover but the moors where muddy on account of the heavy drizzle, and Dunsparce can’t move in mud! The winged snake was trampled, her eggs left without a carer.

“CACHOOOW!” Salamence tore up the fields with massive hyper beams sending what little farm Pokémon had survived scattering. It’s the best move ever okay. Most of the dragons had had their pick by now, the few left over desperately scouring the land. A few of the rougher-looking dragons set course for Blackthorn for a much riskier kill, whilst the runts of the litter prayed they’d find a stray Mareep before daybreak. One of which was a lowly Shelgon. He was the only one of his brothers not to evolve and he didn’t share their killer instinct - too scared to attack a Tauros or Miltank. The pudgy dragon frantically climbed up the mountainside in hopes of spotting an injured Mareep. Sniffing under every rock, the serpent caught the sent of a nest tunnelled in the mountainside. He licked his lips eagerly; scratting at the burrow with his paw until one of the leathery balls came rolling out. It was no bull, but it’d have to do. Shelgon balanced the egg on his back, leisurely bounding home with his rite of passage.

WHAT HAVE YE BROUGHT FOR ME!?” A godly voice echoed. The Dragons shuddered, clinging onto the narrow cave tunnels with their primal instincts subdued for trepidation. The Dragonite from before was first to step forward, lugging the heavy Tauros carcass over its back. He stood at the end of a network of tunnels all leading to a gaping fissure. Dragonite growled gruffly, throwing the bull overhead and down the fissure. Suddenly! A giant-sized RED GYARADOS leaped out of the dark recesses, the Tauros the size of a peanut as it drops into its gullet.

MOAR!” Suddenly the rest of the dragons started scrambling forward, each dropping their kill into the fissure, Red Gyarados taking a large mouthful before grinding their bones in his awfully large teeth. He seemed satisfied, but something wasn’t right. The dragon god reeled its head back as it stretched to the ceiling of the den.

ONE DRAGON HAS YET TO OFFER ME ITS KILL!” Petrified with fear, the dragons hustled together. It was Shelgon, he’d carried the egg all the way to the den but he was too scared to throw it into the pit. The shiny serpent’s nostrils flared as it spiralled over each pothole, finally sniffing out the only non-dragon scent in the Den. It was the Dunsparce egg. With its stubby legs trembling, the Shelgon bowed so the egg rolled off its back and onto the dusty floor. He then nuzzled it into the leviathan’s view.

AN EGG?” Red Gyarados’s eye flickered feverishly, “THIS PUNY SACRIFICE WILL NOT SUSTAIN ME...” Shelgon trembled in absolute horror, wincing as he curled into a ball. The serpent lunged forward, and in one snap swallowed the Shellgon whole. The Dunsparce egg rolled out of view, but neither the oppressive Gyarados or the other dragons seemed to notice. With a silent glare the Red Gyarados recoiled back into its tunnel, the other dragons calmed they’d passed the ritual and survived another year. However this year’s hunt brought something they’d never expect...

A few days later the leathery egg wriggled and jiggled. Suddenly a barbed tail ripped through the tough skin, a baby Dunsparce breaking free. It was looked around for its mother, hissing softly as he slithered down the network of tunnels. The few cave-dwelling dragons didn’t mind its presence; the winged serpent seemed too dragon-like to fraternize with. He couldn’t find his mother but some of the kinder dragons offered him scraps of food and taught him how to catch Rattatta. He spent a good month or so slithering from tunnel to tunnel, a loner snake who didn’t belong. One day, he’d made it all the way to the bottom of the cave into the fissure. There was no light and it was really scary. Dunsparce didn’t seem to mind though. Suddenly he felt his body drop on something large and scaly. The floor below started moving! Red Gyarados coiled its huge body around the tiny serpent, its head hanging over with interest.

SERPENTINE! WHAT DARE BRING YE TO THE DRAGON’S DEN?” Dunsparce hissed lowly with a glum look in its droopy eyes. “YOU ARE LOST? YOU WISH TO BELONG TO THE DRAGONS DEN?” Red Gyarados laughed. Dunsparce didn’t cower or retreat though, firmly nodding as his wings flickered eagerly. Despite his infinite rage the mighty serpent seemed impressed and slightly amused. “VERY WELL! TO BECOME A DRAGON YE MUST FIRST PASS THE HUNTING RITUAL”. God knows what sparked this sudden act of auxiliary, perhaps the leviathan thought it would be amusing. The dragon swept up the Dunsparce by the fin barely inches from its gaping mouth. Signs of trepidation finally crept through as the snake flinched at the sight of the sword-like fangs.

DOOMSPARCE THE BRAVE, BORN OF THE DRAGON’S DEN. I NOW BESTOW UPON YOU THE POWER OF THE DRAGONS. YOU MUST LEAVE THE DEN AND RETURN WITH YOUR KILL IF YOU’RE TO REMAIN DRAGON!” The newly dubbed Doomsparce eyes glazed over. Suddenly a flicker of light broke through the dimly lit fissure, the Gyarados’s throat combusting with purple flames which he hocked forward. The sacred fire consumed the serpent, not harming him but filling him with the power of dragons. Doomsparce growled as his wings picked up, hovering out of the cave to prove himself ‘a true dragon’.

Centuries passed as Doomsparce failed at every following hunting attempt. Tauros would boot him in the face upon sight and he stood no chance catching a Growlithe. Even his draconic abilities failed to give him much of an edge over the average Dunsparce. Doomsparce blamed this on his poor upbringing, but didn’t use it as an excuse to give up. He didn’t realise so much time had passed since he’d left the Dragon’s Den, but he became more and more desperate to prove himself as the years went by. One day, a trainer noticed him struggling to chase a Miltank and offered to help him develop his hunter skills. He thought this would be an easy task, but Doomsparce is quite the rebel.

Signature Training: Crouching Dunsparce, Hidden Dragon (Dragon)
Due to reasons stated in his bio, Doomsparce is a Normal/Dragon type with all the associated weaknesses and resistances. The winged serpent knows the move Dragon Rush, but never learned the moves Blizzard, Thunder or Fire Blast. In addition, his limited flight takes more energy than normal meaning he can't stay in the air for as long or fly nearly as high. He still has the limited energy pools of a normal type.

Sweeney: Gliscor (M) Lv.4
Spoiler: show

Shuckleberry Finn: Shuckle (M) Lv.4
Spoiler: show
Shuck, like many Shuckle before him, was farmed on a sunny vineyard in Mississippi to bare the fruit of his heavenly juices. Work on the vineyard was fairly simple and easygoing – he’d pick berries all day and ferment them in his shell at night. Whilst he was content with this lifestyle, everything changed the day he met Bessie. Bessie was a Miltank who laid about grazing all day on the nearby prairie. She wasn’t like the other Shuckle, the little turtle was intensely infatuated. He’d sneak off of the vineyard every day to meet up with Bessie. The Miltank had no interest in Shuck, but he was too lovestruck to understand. He’d collect berries for Bessie instead of harvesting them for the winery, which landed him in a heap of trouble with his boss. The big boss was mighty furious, Shuck was given a week to get his act together. “You’ve got a week to get your act together!” he said, “That means no seeing Bessie!” The Turtle sighed in despair, whilst he did his best to keep away from the cow, his heart ached with loneliness. One spring morning Shuck had had all he could take, he snuck onto the Miltank prairie to be with Bessie, only to find she’d been shipped off to the slaughter house. Shuck fell into deep depression, and with the week rolling over he knew he was in deep trouble for slacking off. With no berries of his own, he hatched a plan to steal all the other Shuckle’s harvest in their sleep. When night time fell, Shuck snuck into each barn, warily sucking the berry juices out of his workmate’s shells. He slept soundly that night with an impetuous grin, either down to his massive harvest or the intoxicating side effects of berry juice. Morning came and the whole vineyard was a mess, there was juice splattered everywhere and all the Shuckle where sucked dry. All the Shuckle besides Shuck that is, who had the worst hangover this side of Mississippi. The big boss had no choice but to fire the little turtle: you can pick your friends and you can pick your berries, but you can’t pick your friend’s berries. With nowhere to go, Shuckleberry turned to alcohol to drown his sorrows. He got in a few bar fights, and managed to pull a few wins in his drunken stupor. Whilst hardly curing his illness, joining the battle circuit let him blow out his bottled up issues some.
Special Defense: Berry Juice (Bug)
Shuckle loves drinking his juices so much he’s created his own spin on Miltank’s signature move. He drinks up some, replenishing Solid Health and Energy (0.8x Health and Energy of Milk Drink). The fruit drink also has a good chance of ailing a physical status. As Berry Juice is an alcoholic drink side effects from consumption include mild confusion, a 50% chance of forgetting any order the following turn as well as general intoxication/clumsiness which wears off after a few rounds. As this is a recovery move, it can only be used once per battle.

Cotoise: Torkoal (M) Lv.4
Spoiler: show
Cotoise was found in a geyser park, lazily sprawled against a scorched tree in hopes of a sip of that sweet Mohave rain. Since joining the team he’s remained passive and happy-go-lucky, he’s not the biggest fan of battling. When he’s called on to fight, he can be apprehensive about attacking and scared of hurting the opposing Pokémon. Cotoise likes keeping everyone happy but he’s the least fazed about a loss, especially if he’s given it his best shot. Whilst he’s shown some extraordinary talents, he’d much rather spend a hot summer’s day basking in the Mohave sun than in a heated battle.
Geyser Spray (Wa/Fi)
Foghorn concentrates the smoke that he naturally exhausts into a shot of searing hot steam. The attack is essentially the same as Scald only that it deals significant damage and only has about a 10% chance of burning. It takes significant energy to use, half water and half fire. Living in geyser parks has given him the water reserves to use this move 3 times per battle, but his smoke lacks the impurities for an effective Smog, Clear Smog (ironically) and Toxic.

Barnacle Boy: Cradily (M) Lv.4
Spoiler: show
Barnicle Boy was found on the seafloor. The cranoid is very old, and as such is naturally senile. He doesn’t interact with other Pokémon, choosing to eat them instead. He once ate a whole Pikachu, causing much distress to eye-witnesses. Whilst rife with primal instincts, he does show some weird traits. He enjoys staying up late at night and watching scary movies. He’s also very lazy, staying rooted at all times and preferring not to battle.
Special Training: Holy Barnacles! (Grass)
Barnacle Boy is rooted into the ground whenever possible, effectively using Ingrain as soon as he’s sent out without it counting as a move. Since he’s so dependent on his roots his Ingrain restores slightly more health and energy as well as being usable on dryer and harder terrain (with the clay arena being about the limit on both counts). As well as being prone to attack and more reliant on ranged attacks, Barnacle Boy will lose a light amount of health and energy for every round he’s uprooted from the ground. He can only ingrain himself back into the ground once, after which point his roots will be too damaged to reuse the move.

Hindenburg: Drifloon (M) Lv.4
Spoiler: show
Drifloon was watching National Geographic one day when a documentary on the Hindenburg disaster came on. He became glued to the TV, seeing his likeness in the explosion. After watching the infamous clip so many times he believes he’s an amalgamation of the fallen spirits of the 1937 disaster collided with a piece of the airship’s fabric. Taking on this new personality, Hindenburg is still bitter about the disaster, and is relentlessly searching for the person whoever sabotaged his flight plan. He speaks with a fluent german, and needs to be spoken to in german at least once per battle or he'll get upset.
Special Training: Dead Zeppelin (Ghost)
Drifloon is able to easily switch from its usual solid form to ethereal for extended periods of time with little strain on his energy pool. When stationary, Hindenburg is more likely to be hit by Surprise physical attacks (about 50%). Hindenburg may never evolve into a Drifblim, and as such is considered ‘fully evolved’ from a damage standpoint.

Matador: Drapion (M) Lv.4
Spoiler: show
Special Training

Easy-Bake: Rotom H (-) Lv.4
Spoiler: show
Easy-Bake’s tale is a very gruesome one. He came about in the swinging sixties, one of the many Rotoms who made a living out of speeding through power mains and causing havoc in people’s hoovers and black and white TV sets. One day Rotom grew bored of annoying the sixties housewive and found something much funner to play with. An Easy-Bake Oven owned by the little girl from down the lane. He merged with the toy’s electronic components, giggling mischievously at the thought of burning the girl’s moofins. However the poorly made oven malfunctioned, causing the childishly harmless Easy-Bake to become infallibly EVIL. He went one step further with his prank, sucking the girl into the oven. All Easy-Bake Ovens were recalled, and the little girl from down the lane was never seen or heard from again...
Signature Training: Defected goods
The lightbulb used to heat baked goods in Easy-Bake’s belly is defective. Just as it uses electricity to generate heat, Easy-Bake can convert any of his Electric Type attacks into Fire Type attacks. The electricity is red instead of yellow - or orange instead of blue - and deals the same base damage as the default move. All moves have the same secondary effect, sans for moves with a chance of paralysis which have a chance of burning instead. The attacks have to be ordered as such “Thunderbolt (Fire)” otherwise they’re considered to be the default move. Easy-Bake can no longer use the move Overheat.

The Situation: Scrafty (M) Lv.4
Spoiler: show
Scrafty is a cool Pokémon and very into his punk rock. He slacks off from training for the most part, but has already proven himself to be a powerhouse in otherwise dubious situations. He doesn’t take orders from anyone and loves sticking it to the man.
Special Training: Dungarees (Normal)
Scraggy’s skin was shed in a way that it’s always pulled up to his torso, his arms sticking out of a hole on either side and keeping them from falling down. This gives him a 10% resistance to attacks whilst decreasing his mobility by the same amount. Similarly to Staryu and Starmie’s core, his exposed areas (Arms, Neck, Lower face) are most vulnerable to damage.

Borg: Ferrothorn (M) Lv.4
Spoiler: show
"We are the Borg. Lower your shields and surrender your ships. We will add your biological and technological distinctiveness to our own. Your culture will adapt to service us. Resistance is futile."

Surgei: Eelektross (M) Lv.5
Spoiler: show
In Solviet Russia, biography reads you!

Tombstony: Golurk (M) Lv.5
Spoiler: show
Originally Posted by Ad
Wacky Waving Automated Arm-Flailing Golett!
Wacky Waving Automated Arm-Flailing Golett!
Wacky Waving Automated Arm-Flailing Golett!

Hi, I'm Magikarp Salesman, President and CEO of Magikarp Salesman's Wacky Waving automated Arm-Flailing Golett Emporium and Warehouse! Thanks to a shipping error I am now currently overstocked on Wacky Waving automated Arm-Flailing Golett, and I am passing the savings on to you!
Napoleon was quick to jump on this offer, and 6-8 weeks later his very own robot butler arrived in a dozen or so components. After inserting Part A into Part B and hammering like a mo’fo, lights started to flicker on inside the robot’s body. He hugged his master and got to work on a pile of chores. However after stepping all over the neighbour’s flowerbeds it was obvious he wasn’t a house robot. He decided to become a battle-bot instead, making use of his Wacky Waving Automated Arm-Flailing Arms.
Special Technique: Rocket Punch (Ghost)
Golett has worked out a way of making his punching moves projectile, by shooting off an astral projection of his fist. The attack deals exactly the same damage and effects but takes an extra .25x of Ghost energy to create the projection. Golett learnt the moves Thunder Punch, Fire Punch and Ice Punch through punching so much, but didn't have enough RAM to keep the moves Pound, Astonish, Rain Dance, Telekinisis, Safeguard, Thief, Focus Blast, Fling and Strength.

Kamen: Shiny Bisharp (M) Lv.4
Spoiler: show
Go go Power Rangers! Doo doo doo doo doo! Kamen is an actor first and a battler second. AND CHECK DIS OUT HE DOES ALL HIS OWN STUNTS! Famed for his career in the Super Sentei series, Kamen is the coolest ranger. He’s not the most popular, which inadvertently makes him cooler than his over-hyped rainbow of counterparts – except for black, or green, or whatever. Kamen subtly accepts this fact. Whilst he is trained in combat, he doesn’t take sport in mindless violence and always keeps a cool head. He’s a stuntman at heart, much preferring aerobatics to fighting. The ranger get’s uneasy when he’s compared to a ninja or a chess piece; he’s a power ranger okay!
Special Attack: Super Sentai Blaster! (Steel)
Pawniard's right blade glows with steel energy as he loads, cocks and shoots: firing off a blitz of steel bullets at machine-gun pace, each bullet doing minor damage with a prolong volley adding up quickly. The attack does the damage of 2x Bullet Seeds, varying depending on how many bullets hit. The energy cost is 2x Bullet Seeds.



26-4-0 KO74 TP208
B Ref SP 2

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