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I dunno, but it dates back a while. lazy uploaded his picture(s) on October 22 of last year while 猫狐よしお@いろいろ中 uploaded his picture on November 22 of the same year.

Here are some more pictures (Pixiv links only) that should serve to illustrate the extent to which this fan pairing exists . I'll list them by artists first, and underneath each artist I'll list out the drawings. Click the spoiler tag to reveal the list:

Spoiler: show

It's by no means universal -- for example, there are only two pages' worth of hits for ドレディア シュバルゴ (Doredia Shubarugo) versus the fifty-three pages' worth of hits for just ドレディア (Doredia) alone. However, a lot of the earlier hits for Doredia are of other characters who may have shared the same name as Lilligant or else had names similar enough for Pixiv to return them to me in my search. But yeah: the pairing exists, I dunno who first thought of it or why, but I think it's cute and it makes good character design-based sense.

After all, she's the princess type and he's clearly a knight in shining armor. ^_^

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