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On the Time Rift Mesa, Bobble wags his ears and quickly vanishes from sight. Medéo glances warily around the plateau, wondering where and when the Bright Pokémon will reappear. Nearby, Will grits his teeth and waits to see what's going to happen next. A moment later, Bobble fades into view behind Medéo, and Will gasps in astonishment to see that the little Wynaut is now surrounded by a ghostly aura. Crying out his species' name, Bobble releases the Shadowy energy, which slams into Medéo with all the Force of a Lairon using Extremespeed, and sends the Yoga Pokémon flying across the pitch, where it lands roughly at Will's feet.

Smiling at the success of its supereffective strike, Bobble looks to its trainer for approval, but then suddenly crumples to the dusty ground, exhausted from expending so much energy. Will turns to Medéo; holding his breath, the boy watches anxiously as his Medicham companion slowly struggles to its feet, clutching its abdomen and wincing in pain. Judging that Medéo has just enough energy left, the Ref signals that Will's side has won and declares the match over.

At the Ref's decision, Will trots over to his barely-concious comrade and supports it by putting an arm around its thin frame. Grinning, the boy congratulates Medéo on their win, and sincerely thanks it for fighting hard and giving its best. He then states that it was an unforgettable match and they should feel grateful that Fortune looked upon them favorably today. Medéo nods knowingly in agreement and closes its eyes contentedly.

Will recalls Medéo, assuring the Yoga Pokémon that its earned a nice long rest, and thanks the Ref for officiating while placing Medeo's Steel Ball inside his messenger bag. He then walks over to Jessica and extends a hand to shake. Complimenting the young woman and her Pokémon, Will tells them they did great, and remarks that he's really impressed with Bobble's tenacity. After a brief chat, Will wishes them the best of luck on their journey and descends the plateau, pondering over his next destination...

* LB, thanks a bunch for the fun battle full of randomness!! It was always exciting to see what the RNG rolled. Good luck in your future FB endeavors!

* As always Arc, thanks for the speedy reffing!! I really appreciate you taking the time to update, and doing it so quickly keeps it interesting!

* Raising Medicham from Lv60 to Lv62.

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