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Ok, I'm gonna go back a bit later and work out particulars for Sub and Flash (Sub will probably have its limits changed and I just need to figure out how to word Flash correctly), so let's move on for now.

I took an informal poll in the TO a while back, asking about Shadow Ball's strength and adjusting it to fit the scale better. Most seemed to be in favor of lessening of power.

I have simplified Shadow Ball to this:
Shadow Ball (GH) -- The user charges up and fires a ball of black ghost energy at the opponent, launching it to hit the target for significant damage. Upon impact, the ball bursts, letting out a ghostly wind that deals damage to those around it. This attack is particularly unstable and most decently powerful Psychic attacks will burst it.
Is anyone still totally against it?

And on a similar note, I haven't done much to Focus Punch - simply defined that there are in fact mid- and quick-charge versions:
Focus Punch (FT) -- The ultimate fighting attack, the user spends significant time and energy charging up the attack, and then releases a devastating punch. The user's fist, glowing with fighting energy, is impervious to damage during the attack. Energy and damage are equivalent to Hyper Beam, with damage also being modified by the user of the move. The charge time, as well, is like Hyper Beam, with a full charge doing the lethal damage, but consuming a very significant amount of time and energy. Quick charge and Mid-Charge variations of this move are possible, but consume slightly more energy than they do damage due to the need to break the focus before the technique is complete.
However, my problem is, is FP still too overpowered? And how should we treat the "impervious to damage" part?
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