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>Ah this is true, if we're changing it so that Substitute can be made into a small thing (incidentally, why?)) then that would need an energy based drawback.

I'm probably actually going to increase the minimum for Sub since most people will generally chose the minimum anyway, but it'll be a good tactic to take a lot of punishment. It still needs some tweaking but as long as we get a functional version, I'm fine with it.

>Regarding HP, could we not just set it so that HP can be changed in the bio? Like whether or not Electabuzz goes crazy for ketchup. It's a bit woolly and we'd need to make it so that you can't go "lol Pikachu has HP Dragon and it is super strong" but we could make it so that you can decide what HP something is.

Too complicated, IMO. But, that being said, I would be willing to be flexible with changing HPs along with sigs as long as it's reasonable. It's a fairly minor change and as long as you can justify it, I'd be ok with it. But I think that HP as your Base type is a good thing - it gives a lot of Pokemon usable alternatives when they don't get a lot or really any Special STAB.

>Secret Power, meh, would prefer it to stay a beam and not just be a clone of Nature Power.

My rewrite functions almost identically - just a bit more widespread - since Natural Gift will be getting the Nature Power/Secret Power treatment.

>I don't think up-close Flashes causing some very temporary blindness (15 secondsish) would be ridiculous. But I wouldn't be terribly hurt if you disagree :p

I'll talk to Nick about finding a happier medium. It's a legitimate tactic but it gets overreffed and abused.
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