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>It's like Earth Power just the type is dependent on the arena

Not really. It's based on the interpretation of Secret Power here. I just liked how the anime did it so I went with this.

>I'm not quite sure about it not taking from the user's type energy pool at all. Maybe just half?

Considering a lot of the time they're not going to have the type, I'd prefer it to be this way. I want it to be something versatile that anyone can use as a good option to expand smaller sets. Having it weaken with repeated usage discourages (and prevents) abuse so Pokemon like Quagsire don't suddenly become unusable in Grass arenas and stuff like that.

>Last part of that description almost made me think that the user spent none of their own energy to initiate the attack, but rather that of the environment. I'm assuming the user would also chip in some of their own, so I guess I just want clarification as to how much.

I'll reword that a bit - I see what you mean.

>Somehow, I'm reminded about Nature Power - why don't we use the same idea for Nature Power (i.e. like the games), except that it draws on the user's energy reserves (if you're that worried about zomg Rock Slide Ludicolo)?

I was actually considering that and I honestly would not be totally against it considering Ludicolo is probably the best Nature Power user. The few Pokemon who get it have fairly limited movesets so expanding their abilities with a broader Nature Power would be a lot better.

>I don't actually see the need for Substitute to be 1.5x the energy put in to the sub. I don't see that it would be broken if the amount was 1x health or less.

The reason I have x1.5 the energy is to prevent abuse of it - if you create a lot of little subs over and over than you can basically wall out all these heavy attacks repeatedly. At least with higher energy use it discourages throwing a Sub at every Fire Blast and Hyper Beam the foe throws out.

>Also recommend a slight denerf of Flash?

What were you thinking of?

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