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Natural Gift (Various) - The user gathers energy from the environment around them and concentrates it into a burst of energy, sending it through the ground to strike from below and deal decent damage. The burst rises to surround the target, going high enough to hit most airborne foes. The type of the attack depends on the environment it's used in, as it pulls its energy directly from nature. For instance, if used in a Grass field or forest, it will be Grass-typed, if used in a clay arena, it will be Ground-typed, if used in a power plant, it will be Electric-typed, etc. The exact type is up to the *refferee. The type of Natural Gift can change if the arena is altered (the grass is burned, snow is melted, water evaporates) or the arena changes (like in the Shifting Stafium). Because this attack draws the energy from the arena, it does not pull from the user's type energy pools, but repeated uses will put a strain on the environment and weaken the attack.*

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