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OK so I'm finally getting to this. So. Sub.

Substitute (NO) -- The user creates a copy of itself, which takes the place of the user. This body double will suffer the brunt of any attacks an opponent makes until it falls apart, since Substitute also allows the user to mentally implant a misperception in all opponents that the Substitute is the actual pokémon it was built by. The opposing trainer cannot successfully order their pokémon to hit the “real" pokémon because their pokémon has a mental block against realising that Substitute has been used. While the user of Substitute is not immune to harm, affected pokémon can only harm the user by sheer accident, since they cannot deliberately aim at it. However, nonintelligent sources of damage, such as arena damage and effects that cover the entire arena (no normal attack covers the whole arena) will hit both the user and the Substitute at full damage if the user and Sub are in the affected area. The substitute performs all of the attacks as a normal Pokemon would. The user will move around to avoid all attacks, not needing to be ordered separately. However, when the substitute is ordered to attack, the user must fully concentrate on the transfer of orders. If the user is asleep, the Substitute will also be asleep, thanks to that same mind link.
When Substitute is ordered, an amount of health between an FC and QC Hyper Beam, is specified (if none is specified, the equivalent of an MC Hyper Beam is the standard). The user will then sacrifice that amount of health to create the Substitute along with x1.5 the energy of the amount of health sacrificed. This Substitute will have the amount of health sacrificed to create it, but will take energy directly from the user. Though the Sub will not reflect the energy exhaustion that a normal pokémon would, it will cause the user to become increasingly exhausted. Once the Substitute runs out of health or the user becomes too tired to maintain the mental link (extreme moves or multiple, high energy moves without rest will often cause this), the Substitute will fade.
Basically, combines the best of both worlds. Since it's energy inefficient to use it, it's not broken but much more useful than the previous incarnation since you don't lose half your energy to pull it off.

Also the Sub having its own energy seemed kinda silly but I think my idea preserves the reason for having it without needing to give it its own pool.

Oh, and Amnesia - raising SpDef y/n? It hasn't really been seen in the anime so we have some creative license on it.

And also, Hidden Power - NO or primary type?

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