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Rotom forms

The release of Platinum introduced new forms for Rotom when it is possessing certain objects.

Changing forms
A Rotom form can be changed freely through squad submissions: note that changing a Rotom form while having a sig move dependent on that form may require that the sig be changed/removed. Rotom cannot change forms during a Pokemon battle: even if an object that could be possessed is inexplicably around, it takes too long for the Rotom to bind with it to be practical in combat. Similarly, a Rotom will never willingly unbind with an item in combat, as doing so leaves it extremely vulnerable during the process.

Extra attack
A Rotom may use a new move as part of its form change. Each move can only be used while in the appropriate form, and changing the form causes Rotom to lose access to the attack.
-Frost form: Blizzard
-Spin form: Air Slash
-Wash form: Hydro Pump
-Cut form: Leaf Storm
-Heat form: Overheat

Ghost form rules
Unlike regular Rotom, a Rotom possessing an object is always solid. They may still go etheral for short periods of time, but maintaining an etheral state for longer than a brief period is extremely taxing on them, as they must make the object they possess etheral as well as themselves.
Rotom forms work like this. Consider them Ghost/Electric for now.

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