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Double post for a tweak.

Toxic (PO) -- Using significant energy, the user injects a toxin into the victim in the most appropriate method fashionable. Pokemon with large fangs (Golbat) will bite the opponent while other Pokemon will simply spew the poison from their mouths. The referee should use common sense and the aforementioned examples in determining how Toxic is used, as well as the effect it would have on the opponent, if any. For the first round (the round it is used), the poison soaks into the bloodstream, dealing no damage. The next round, the toxin deals roughly the same damage as regular poison, but as the rounds pass, the damage increases each round, capping at half a Hyper Beam worth of damage after about eight rounds. Damage may also be modified by the amount of toxin soaked in/injected and the size of the victim.
This is assuming that poison deals about... say, light-mild damage every round, so roughly doubling will put it at half a Hyper Beam in 3 rounds... which is a little too high. So let's start it at light and make it go up a click every time (out of my 15 point system).
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