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Originally Posted by Concept View Post
I forsee all gym matches going like this;

Challenger: "Ice beam x2!"
Lonely Cubone: "Bide!"

Elsie wins!
I'm okay with this.

I'm not sure if it's just my reffings, but Toxic is perfectly fine if you plan it out. Say most 1 on 1 matchups last abotu eight rounds? If Toxic was used on Round One, I would ref it doing just under 1 HB of damage over that period. Bear in mind things like Shadow's badge doing boosted damage against a toxiced Pokemon, and you have a usable move in neutral matchups where typespam is out of the question.

The real thing that nerfs Toxic in my view is how refs allow being poisoned to make Facade a ludicrouslyly powerful Kill Move.

Having read back a bit, Jeri would want it to KO in 12 rounds? Seems a bit much to me: Toxic is one move, which uses fairly low energy in the scheme of things. Importantly, You can use other moves whilst its ongoing. Over time, it adds up to some fairly heavy damage, but it shouldn't be KOing alone in the time of a normal battle imho.

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