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>x1.5 multiplier

This is actually a pretty good way of balancing it, but I fear that it might defeat the spirit of the move. If I lower the multiplier I could also increase the break point since x1.5 a Hyper Beam is much less horrible than a x2 Hyper Beam.

I'll talk to Muyo about it and hash out a decent rewrite before we get out the full list.

As for Toxic...

>Yeah, I said up the energy use/slap a usage limit on it.

This is probably the best suggestion. The reason the soak time was installed was so it doesn't become, well.


As DB put it.

I figure a one round wait time and a reasonable cap on the damage with a fairly slow build will allow it to be a pressure tactic. Personally, I'd like it to be scaled so that it would KO in more or less 12 rounds, which is a good bit over the standard amount of time it takes to KO a Pokemon. This way, with fairly normal damage output, this will push the KO to round 8 give or take.
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