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Originally Posted by DaveTheFishGuy View Post
Can't say for other refs, but I have Toxic deal .2 HB on about the third turn of damage. But it's never lasted long enough to really put on a cap.

And honestly I'd be more in favour of Game-style Bide than current ASB-style Bide, but I'm sure Concept will pull up some counter-argument that involves his viewpoint and insulting me.
I've not insulted you yet and I don't intend to. I'd probably rather see bide take in the raw power of the moves (not taking into account the bide users type) and spit out a beam that's XX and, say, 1.5x stength. Bide has way more issues than just typing and whether it takes damage or power into account.

Bide (XX) -- Taking a defensive stance to reduce damage somewhat, the user takes all attacks making no attempt to dodge as a red aura surrounds the user. The aura cannot be penetrated, so status changing moves, OHKO attacks, etc. will not work. During the Bide, the user cannot do any other moves and remains still. Energy usage for a Bide is high, depending on the moves used against it, and the user will need time to recharge afterward. After taking two attacks or a maximum 3/4's HB damage (damage taken over and above this is factored into bide's strength, but bide will automatically break when it breaches this limit), the aura will condense in front of the user and fire in a red beam aimed wherever the user wants. The beam is typeless and deals 1.5x the total damage the aura took. Bide counts as a two mover, and is one use per battle per pokemon.

Possibly going too far and maybe not all of those nerfs are needed, but I think the basic idea is sound.

Originally Posted by Dream Breaker View Post

EDIT: To actually contribute, I'd take more to Concept's if the energy was kicked up a couple notches and a one-time usage limit slapped on it (not like that'll stop the replacement that comes in from using it on the next fresh opponent - we're going to be seeing Toxic in every match if it does anything above .75 an HB over time, imo). I mean, it'd be knocking ~25% your work off KOing your opponent.

Steel types will likely surge in usage.
Yeah, I said up the energy use/slap a usage limit on it. To put things into perspective and stop the "ohnoes, toxic would be overpowered!!!!11111!", fire blast/thunder/hydro pump do more in one strike than this would do in six rounds (one round to seep in, one at 0.05, one at 0.1 and three at 0.2). Kick up the energy usage like I suggested, make it take longer to use than at present, and I don't see much of a problem.
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