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Let me start the discussion off with Bide. Here's the proposed rewrite.

Bide (NO) -- Taking a defensive stance to reduce damage somewhat, the user takes all attacks making no attempt to dodge as a red aura surrounds the user. At the end of the round(s), the aura will condense in front of the user, and send all energy back in the form of a large beam which is aimed wherever the user wants. The beam is twice the power of the attacks levied against it, and is comprised of the exact same energy type used against the Bide, so the Bide beam CAN encompass several types. The Bide will break after about 3/4ths of a Hyper Beam worth of damage, and the resulting beam will not reflect Super Effective damage, as it calculates the damage before the user is hit. The aura cannot be penetrated, so status changing moves, OHKO attacks, etc. will not work. During the Bide, the user cannot do any other moves and remains still. Energy usage for a Bide is high, depending on the moves used against it, and the user will need time to recharge afterwords.
Fundamentally, it's the same attack - aura, take moves, send them back for double damage. However, I've set lower cap on it so you can't take 2 rounds worth of moves and spit it back for full health worth of damage. It will still take over that in damage and return it, but it will break if it crosses that threshold. I also specified it so you can't return x6 damage with a Focus Punch on a Lucario.

Is this too much of a nerf? Is there a better way to handle this? Suggestions?
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