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Mew Move Description Rewrites - Discussion & Talkback Thread

Mercutio: Ask questions about move descriptions only here. Only LOs should be answering questions here.

As some of you have gathered, I have recently started the long and arduous process of reviewing and rewriting the 400-something-move-long movelist. However, even with my fairly extensive knowledge of the metagame and pretty good amount of experience, I don't know everything and I have my biases (not to mention this is not an easy task for one person to handle). So that's where you, the ASB masses, come in.

Here, we'll discuss the problems with the current movelist, fixing attacks to make them less broken or unnerf them to the point of usability. My goal is to produce a list of attacks that is consistent, usable and varied, with as few useless moves and as little overlap as possible, while still sticking to the spirit of the anime portrayal and the move itself.

Once the whole list is done, I'll post it in a separate thread and this one will be used to discuss any unfavorable changes or issues (including the inevitable typos) within the list and we'll edit as we see fit.

Note that many of the common problems, particularly moves that have appeared in the anime and have yet to be rewritten (e.g. AncientPower, Hidden Power, Aqua Jet), have been noted and either have already been dealt with or will be dealt with eventually. The purpose of this thread is not to talk about old issues but rather discuss and figure out new, more complex ones.

Also, I have revised the damage and energy system, reducing the 25 or so terms used in Muyo's thread to a much smaller, cleaner number that will allow consistency amongst the moves. All move powers will be adjusted on a case-by-case basis and will be scaled to a more reasonable level that fits the power of the moves better. Unless they are exceptional or extreme cases (e.g. Shadow Ball, Focus Punch), do not bring them up here - they will all be changed and made to balance more with the overall scale of the move spectrum.

To keep this thread on topic and in line, we will start with a list of topics and address them one by one until a new description has been written by an LO (likely myself or Muyo) or it has been thoroughly addressed. The list of topics here is definitely not exhaustive, so feel free to propose more problems. For the most part, I will address the attack specific ones when I get to them on my rewrites, and if I take a break from that or decide that I need to look at something more general, I may skip ahead to that. Feel free to suggest the next topic to discuss, as well.

Since I want to keep this thread moving swiftly from one topic to the next to make this as quick and painless as possible, I'll be monitoring it fairly tightly. Spammy post or heated arguments will be deleted and you risk being kicked from the thread for a time if you start fights or spam the thread. Keep things cordial and on topic - if you have a problem, take it to PMs/VMs/IMs.

Oh, and if an emergency rewrite is seen to be fitting, we might do that too, but I'd like to keep the descriptions all together and release them all at once for a clean, cohesive switch.

Attack-specific issues:
  • Bide - Strength, Length, and Power (???)
  • Denerfing Toxic
  • Denerfing Subsitute
  • Shadow Ball's strength
  • Focus Punch - Particulars and Power
  • Encore
  • Sweet Kiss and Lovely Kiss
  • Mach Punch vs. Vacuum Wave
  • Synthesis
  • Protect vs. Safeguard (somewhat dealt with)
  • Rock Attacks From Nowhere
  • Explosion vs. Self Destruct
  • Sketch and denerfing Smeargle
  • Sucker Punch
  • Taunt/Swagger
  • Baton Pass, U-Turn and Volt Change
  • Volt Tackle
  • Misc. Overlapping Moves
  • Double Team
  • Regularizing Stockpile

General issues:
  • Boost energy usage?
  • Status energy usage?
  • General non-damaging moves energy usage?
  • Drains and limits
  • Statuses
  • Healing Moves/Status-curing Moves
  • Missing extra effects (Silver Wind, Psybeam, etc.)
  • Flying moves actually being Flying-typed
  • New Rules and Where to Keep Them

Let's get down to business, folks!

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