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John felt his heart stop for the last seconds of this round. All or nothing, he thought when he gave Charon his orders. Luckily, he emerged victorious, although it had been extremely close, the Ekans collapsed in the floor.

"Shade is unable to battle due to exhaustion, Charon is the narrow winner!"

The referee's words echoed in his mind. They had done it. Their first battle and their first win at the same time. As he walked towards Charon, the whole battle flashed through his eyes. There had been some tense moments - and they would never forget those minutes of emptiness that had bored them almost to death.

"You did great Charon!" he congratulated his pokemon, which was panting heavily. "Come back. You deserve a good rest. I'm proud of you." He recalled the ghost to his home, putting away the ghost ball in his belt.

"That was an incredibly exciting match! The Spites you ordered were very tricky. A smart move, I'll have to watch out for it in the future," Alicia said. "Congrats on the win, you deserve it!"

"Thanks, it truly was an excellent match!" he smiled back at her, as he received the trophy. "Your Ekans was a formidable opponent, and it could have gone either way. I hope we do this again in the future."


Great match AK, sorry again for that type mix-up. If Stacey hadn't mentioned it, I wouldn't have noticed it at all - she's truly the ghost master.

Stacey, thanks for the speedy and excellent reffing and advices. I was trying to follow the PASBL attack descriptions, but they didn't mention an exact amount of energy used on each one, so I was kind of in the dark. I was lucky, and I'll be more careful in the future as you suggested ^-^

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