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Problems with the power level of the villain in Book 4

Spoiler: show
Here's another thing which worries me about the story: a villainous Yuki gains the powers of God. What does this mean?
  • Yuki can now completely bend space-time to her will.
    • It was stated that she wrote the entire Data Thought Entity out of existence. Poof. Gone.
    • She turned Asahina into a normal girl. Similarly she turned Itsuki into a normal boy. This means she can manipulate anybody. Even Kyon. In fact, it was stated that she simply chose not to rewrite Kyon. Kyon presumes that it's because Yuki wanted to leave the decision ultimately up to him. Otherwise she would have totally rewritten him too.
  • Yuki can travel through time. She can also send others through time.
If she couldn't do these things before (as regular Yuki), she sure as hell can now. Because Haruhi can, has.

So think about what this means:
  • Yuki took 500+ years off thanks to Endless Eight ...
  • She spent the time learning how to steal God's powers from Her ...
  • And she finally did so, temporarily making herself the world's new God, rewriting the story of the world, and then stripping herself of her God powers, leaving the rewritten world godless.
And think about what that means. It means anybody else in the Data Thought Entity can do this too. Yuki is by no means the most special member of her alien race. She was given a backup (Asakura) specifically because it was deemed necessary, i.e. her superiors believed Yuki required backup. Thus, this alone tells you that they don't think she's perfect. But it gets better. We already know from Book 1 that Yuki has a master. She is not her own boss. Unlike Asahina and Koizumi who belong to organizations, Nagato has a master who is a member of a council (the high council?) within the Data Thought Entity. Thus, one can safely assumes that Nagato's master is more powerful, knowledgeable, etc than she is. One typically cannot be the master of others without being their equal or their better. So ...
  • This means that there are others who could pull off what Yuki pulled off.
  • Which means there are others who can basically steal Haruhi's God powers from her and rewrite history as they see fit.
This may sound like a really cool threat, like a really cool enemy for future books, but in fact it's a major temporal problem. Because think about it ...
  • Are there people in the Data Thought Entity who oppose Nagato's master? Yes. (Including and not necessarily limited to Asakura's master.)
  • Could one of these entities perceivably try to get what they want by giving themselves the power of God? Sure, why not. If the low-ranked Nagato Yuki did it, what's to stop someone in a higher position of power from giving it a go and succeeding?
  • And what would they then do?
You got it. Remember Kyon's threat at the end of the film? Lay one finger on Yuki, he told them, and I'll get Haruhi to help me beat you guys up and rescue Nagato. Uhhhhh... why should they have to fear Kyon or Haruhi when they can just make themselves Gods, as Nagato did, and totally pwn Kyon and Haruhi? Plot hole. Major plot hole. Especially now that Kyon's warned them, i.e. given them a head start. Now they have every reason in the world to start researching how Yuki managed to do what she did (make herself God and make Haruhi not God) and to copy it.

And an enemy who is as powerful as God himself is the worst enemy you can ask for in storytelling. Because the story can only end one of two ways and when your villain is as powerful as God neither of the two endings is good:
  1. the heroes defeat God, leaving you to wonder how the hell they pulled that off. Because if they're not already Gods, and God is already God, then God in his omnipotence can see them coming from a mile away and smush them before they even get 1/100th of an inch within knowledge of how to become like Him.
  2. the heroes are defeated by God, and you're like "What. Umm ... what. " And then your 's soon give way to 's as you realize you just wasted your time on the worst story ever.
I don't want Haruhi to go in either direction, but uh oh. Tanigawa's opened Pandora's Box, I'm afraid, and there's no way of closing it back up.
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